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Image 5 in the gallery of "Ed's Pics"

edited November 2017 in Edward Leedskalnin
Look to the left corner of the tripod in this image. It appears as though there is a block being lifted by a woman in a hat. Also, her face is looking away from the camera and focusing on this unusual object that appears to be a rod with two items winding up it. Perhaps I am completely off base, but I believe that the image of Ed in the front with his quarry is a false flag for the real information the image is providing that is located behind him. The woman appears to be either lifting the huge block behind him or on the block. It is hard to tell.


  • Hi CG_Angel
    Could you circle the object in question?

  • It seems like he has a stabilizing pole from his tripod pointing directly at it.
  • edited November 2017

    This is an enlarged image of what I am talking about.
    Like I said, it could be nothing, but it did seem pretty interesting.
  • About six feet down the poles he has the poles latched a second time. I always thought pictures showed him standing on the wood beam. Very hard to tell if it is in front or behind a rock. He does show double log rollers. Two long poles with short rounds to roll. This can be extended by placing the next two inside the first two. If you lift on end of the poles the rock will roll :)
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