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ED Marlinski Coded "FROM FOOT THOTH" in his book?

Note: This is likely my last posting.. at least for a long while. Going back into self-discovery on advancing ideas I've shared in these threads on this forum.

Above is the representation and count of the capital letters in each numbered chapter of Ed Marlinski's book.
I wondered a long while ago if there is a cipher in the count of letters per chapter. I used Greek alphabet as the language to convert from numbers and got what you see above:


This could have various meanings, but found these references today in this book:
It shows that:
4 palms equals Greek Foot
6 palms equals Standard Cubit
7 palms equals Thoth Cubit

The Thoth Cubit is being equated to the Royal Egyptian Cubit of 20.61 inches. I did find that EDL's King's stone is what I believe to measure to 6 square Thoth Cubits (42 palms) or 7 square Standard Cubits (42 palms). This then would also mean it's 42/4 Greek Foot or 10.5. I don't know what context EDM is conveying this message though. But something to keep in mind and compare with other future discoveries perhaps.


  • Many years ago I did the "hidden pages" online of ED Marlinski's book. I can't remember now exactly how I got this.. but remember and odd decoding message in a method that seemed pretty simple and straight-forward and I was pretty sure of it. The message was
    I never heard of such a thing but was thinking along the lines of the inventions of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin in ciphering.

    It later occurred to me if somehow I missed the letter "R". Then it would read:

    I know there is lots of gaps here in my proof and logic so I don't doubt your questioning it. I just share this lead in case it strikes a chord with you. I mention it because above in the introduction of this thread...I found the Greek word "PODA" which is "FOOT". But remember in EDM's book he interchanged the 1st "R" with a "P" in "CURRENT" with "CUPRENT". He alluded to the Greek letter "rho" looks like the English "P". So, to me it makes logical sense to interchange this trick in his coded message as well.. "missing 'R' in 'GREEK'"... exchange pi for rho.. from poda to roda. .. from "FOOT" to "WHEEL".

    If any of this logic is on track.. then perhaps the secret message of the caps of EDM's chapters is to be interpreted as the:


    Most references to Wheel Thoth in Google relate to the Tarot Cards.

    It's just some things I pass along. Take it, or leave it.
  • By the way Poughkeepsie.. that is a reference to Crowley. LOL

    It seems that to justify turning the 16 of PI to the 17 of RHO in chapter 3.. we just need to find one more capital letter. This would then change Greek "FOOT" to Greek "WHEEL". Kind of cool thought on many levels.. really.

    I double-checked and can't find such a large capital letter in chapter 3. However, just such a capital letter exists in chapter 8.. there is a strangely indented capital letter "S". You don't know whether to count it or not. In my decipher, I did not count it.. and went with "omicron" rather than "pi". So, if we add that PI letter to the other PI letter.. we are left with "RHO" or "RODA" or WHEEL instead of FOOT.

    It seems to me all of this is not a coincidence and that I am on the right track here. ED Marlinski I've shown with "SARAH" and "HAGAR" likes to put the seed of one cipher for a page on a twin page and vice versa. For instance, the keyword "BREAK" is on page 15, but is to be used on the twin page "XIV". The keyword "START" is conversely found on page XIV and to be used as cipher on page 15.

    So, you see that a pi plus one and pi minus one are involved here. Notice that mathematically.. PI is the circle and 1 would be the Diameter of that circle. It's quite ingenious on many levels I say.
  • Just struck me how the Greek letter Theta is a visual representation of what EDM seems to have coded with PI + 1 and PI - 1. Where PI is the circle and 1 is the diameter.

    EDM has Theta, Omicron, Theta
    Visually, these letters are PI +1, PI, PI + 1.

    Visually, perhaps the capital OMEGA represents a circle PI without 1 radian of arc or 360-57.29 degrees.
  • Dave, I wanted to get a chance to post about 13, 17, and 19, and those numbers as square sides and diameters. They all have curious relationships to 'father' 'seed' 'female' 'gold' 'one' and 'good' when you look at the gematria for them all. I haven't found a tangible connection with all of them, but it relates to the 4 rivers of eden, and Cain, and 'tilling' the ground, cause cain was a farmer. Ed mentions gardening, and "till" in ABIEH. The circle/square relationship I started with was 19x19 which is 361. It grabbed me because of 1936, copiright. And the 1 more than 360* of a circle. If you get interested, you can look at how the gematria works, I still haven't made any valid thoughts on connecting them yet. But the potential for more is there, and I wanted to mention my thoughts on it before you split the site for however long you hiatus for.
    Another thing I wanted to point out about edm and CURRENT to CUPRENT. that's obvious. But on his page 3, he get's sort of ADHD batty, and rambles kind of incoherently. BUT if you look at his clues for "THIS WRIT IN G", then the next line, "lined up so", then look 3 lines down, he says HYPHEN - or UNDERSCORE _? And "when you read it you look east."
    So looking at page 8 next, at the bottom, edm mentions the G in 'August'.
    Ok, taking MC, page 3, looking east, or turning the page, and looking at the G in 'MAGNETIC CURRENT' or MAGNETIC CUPRENT' the line in the G is "writ in g" and "lined up so".
    Now it stands to be obvious the line that is in the first R of CURRENT, is drawn over a P. But if you look, I would argue the line in the G of MAGNETIC, was also "writ in" oner what was once a C. EDM seems to be pointing out that MAGNETIC CURRENT is MACNETIC CUPRENT.
    I find it most interesting that the MAC is M AC. AC current. And it's 13 13.
    If I'm right about 19x19 =361 from C O Pi right, being a circle, it might reason edm is pointing to something similar in MC.
    I started following this because 13 first appears in gematria in Gen 1:5 as 'ONE' as in first day. The second appearance is in Gen 4:20, and it says 'he is the father as such as dwell in tents and have cattle'. I found this significant, as the gematria for father is 3, or aleph bet, which is very interesting because aleph is a cattle head and bet is the tent or house right?
    So 13x13 =169. and 169 is Joktan, Gen 10:25, which is interesting because if you read it, 'unto eber was born two sons' father again, 'one was peleg, for in his days the earth was divided' PALAG is hebrew for divided, and its gematria is 168. 'and his brother was Joktan.
    So divided, and brothers... double 169 and it's 338, double 168, 'divided', and it's 336. Between them is 337, which is red flag prime.
    336 makes it's appearance as WIFE or WOMAN in Gen 2:22, as in 'god took adam's rib and made him a woman'.
    337 appears in Gen 9:9 as SEED, as in God said to Noah, I establish my covenant with you and your seed after you. Again in Gen 17:12 as SEED again, referring to circumcision and the covenant between Abraham and God and even those who are not of his SEED.
    It seems to me the whole thing is going somewhere. Don't know if you ever noticed it before, or if it even means anything at all. But I wanted to throw it out anyhow.
  • The Wheel of Fortune in the Thoth Cards is the 10th card and it shows a circle divided into 10. I find it interesting that the cipher emanates from the 10 "chapters" that contain huge capital letters and how many is in each chapter. He seems to have caps on 1 page of the introductory pages, "page xiv"... and none in chapter 2. So, 0 seems to flip back and forth from 0 to 2 somehow. But he basically has chapater 0 to 9...
    So, there is a very real connection between the cipher message and the makeup of the cipher parts.
  • Interestingly enough, the Greek way of spelling THOTH is Theta, Omega, Theta rather than Theta, Omicron, Theta.

    So, this if you consider the capital OMEGA a representation of a circle minus 1 radian or a curved portion of the circle equal to its diameter.. then THOTH in Greek is indeed
    Pi + 1, Pi -1, Pi + 1
    circle + diameter, circle - diameter, circle + diameter
    theta, omega, theta

    and omicron is simply PI or circle.. and IOTA is diameter.

  • If you add the 15 Omicron or "circle" to the 9 Iota or "diameter" you get 24 Omega or "circle - diameter". This is 3 x 8 Theta or "circle + diameter".
  • Ezekiel eight steps three times. Leading up.

    Every third verse. 40:31,34,37 666/37 :)
  • The book of Thoth one day will be completely deciphered
    There is a book called " Tarot of the Bohemians " if you're into it, a few bits and pieces that are decent.

    The Greek Wheel would make sense, representing the Zodiac
    It also reminds me of an old greek poem " O wheel.. " pertaining to tropical astrology "
    Eusebius says the Egyptians represented the universe by a sky fiery circle, with a serpent reaching side to side similar to the Greek symbol Theta

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