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"Magnetic Current" by Edward Leedskalnin a Scale Map of Earth's Polar Diameter?

In "Magnetic Current" booklet by Edward Leedskalnin you will find mention of the North and South Poles more than any other objects, except maybe magnets. So, it makes sense to look at the distance spanning the Earth's North and South physical poles, in the very least.. the ones the Earth's axis spins about. It turns out that distance is right at 3950 English Miles. It also turns out that, if we at first ignore the page numbered lines in Magnetic Current ("MC") there is 789 lines. That makes line 395 from both the beginning and the end the midpoint or the equator. This then means we can take a clean scale of 3950:395
10 English Miles to 1 line of text.

This is a snapshot of that equator line on page 11:

This is a pic I pulled off Google of the layers of the Earth:

Let's look at the layer between the solid Lower Mantle and the liquid Outer Core. It is called the D" layer or D Double Prime. Seismic S waves cannot penetrate within this zone so it is speculated that it must be a liquid from that point to the center... whereas P waves can penetrate.

Now, let's for now count the 17 page numbers from the center..and count outwards from the equator. Then the boundary between inner and outer core would be at line 77. The D" layer would exist between the line of text 216 and 228. Now, look at what we find in MC at lines 216 and 228: (page 6 MC)

That is quite the coincidence that we find the same word on the boundaries of the D" layer.. "BREAK".
Could all that be a coincidence?

You see here that the "B" in "BREAK" reading towards the beginning also has two words "NOW" as shown here:

"BNN" and at the beginning of MC starting with the 11th line is a similar 3 letter grouping of "TFF". Both of these are Caesar Cipher shifts of "SEE".

It is possible that the Astronomic Physicist with a Theory of Everything including the Aether TJJ SEE or Thomas Jefferson Jackson See is being alluded to. It is worth investigating further if by chance this man's works contained experiments with Seismic S waves. His biography in Wikipedia says that he had theories involving earth quakes. I don't know how a scientist could have theories on earthquakes without experimenting with Seismic waves... unless he came too early for those tests.

There is one disclaimer here that has to be worked out in the numbers. The 395th line from each pole is an overlapping of 1 equator line for 789 lines of text rather than 790. This numbering system works well for the Earth's polar radius .. ignoring the 17 page numbers. However, the D" layer works perfect when you do take into account and add the 17 page number lines of text. Interestingly enough the Caesar Cipher shift numbers are similar:

TFF -1 = SEE
BNN+17 = SEE

Now, who's going to argue the side that Edward Leedskalnin did THIS subconciously without concious thought or purpose?
The question though is why the breathing of 17 lines of text or 170 miles? And what does it have to do with the D" layer of earth? And how would ED know about it if there is something to a purpose here he is communicating?

Anyone have any answers to these questions?


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