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Acoustic Levitation

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From the YouTube description : ".. Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have discovered a way to use sound waves to levitate individual droplets of solutions containing different pharmaceuticals. While the connection between levitation and drug development may not be immediately apparent, a special relationship emerges at the molecular level. Read more: .."

Now we're getting somewhere. At the fundamental level are there common characteristics between sound and magnetism ?


  • With this in mind from the YouTube description : " ..A standing wave is made by sending a wave group down the tank against a fixed wall. The reflected wave will superimpose upon the incident waves doubling the amplitude. As the wave maker imparts more energy in to the system, the amplitude increases. The waves are sustained by gravity and hydrostatic force and dissipated by fluid viscosity (the frictional forces against the wall are negligible). The video has been edited as the clopotis and seiche that occur last over a half hour and are eventually killed with the wave maker acting as an absorber, as it tries to produce waves offset by one half period of the waves hitting it. .. "

    I (staniel) placed the emphasis on ' gravity and hydrostatic force and dissipated by fluid viscosity ' so that I could suggest, a potential 'magnetic standing wave' would not be affected by these same attributes but instead similar attributes. The Video :
  • And so - Chaldni plates from :


    "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”
  • " .. the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9 .."

    Where I'm going with this is, once the potential is realized, it's a matter of adaptation.
  • @staniel This is nice! Mainly those cymatics patterns...
  • "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”
    As much as my son doesn't like maths, was he amazed by multiplying anything by 9 or 99 or 999, then counting the result numbers together and in the end getting 9 again. :)

  • Tying in some of Keely's theories, I imagine that matter is a form of a 'standing wave' (vibration) that can be dissolved by it's sympathetic vibration. So if the Coral's standing wave vibration could be balanced/neutralized (empathetic vibration?) the lift could be achieved slowly by 'singing' up the scale, starting at the initial and corresponding vibration/standing wave/note. Blasting up the scale and out of harmony could provide the dissolving. I understand that his whole process and theory was 'Sympathetic' - but does sympathetic describe dissolution, neutralization, and levitation of matter ?

    *side note : didn't want to start a new thread * : Has anyone read of or heard from any of the 'group of youth witnesses' who saw him sing and the blocks move like helium balloons or even the adults they talked to ? Whether I was believed or not as a youth, I'd tell my kids and grand kids all about it, they wouldn't be able to shut me up - and as a youth - seeing that I would have annoyed Ed persistently, wanting to know more. - perhaps it's just a story with no validity, not much on the web.
  • Excellent Staniel Great posts...Rock Gate was tuned as in if you strike certain structures a tone will resonate, from what I gather there is a base note and if one adds water or whatever to the structures you can change the pitch according to the time of the year/season/... ........ I believe Rock Gate and probably Ed's Place as well was set up sympathetically in full communication within the whole of the structure itself... About the children who saw Ed float the stones like helium or hot air balloons across the park the only source I have heard this from is Joe Bullard...
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  • This was a good post. I've been reading heavily on Cymatics, Vibration and Resonance
    It has been mentioned before, I also believe positioning of the stones is key at Rock Gate
    Perhaps to accomplish A 432hz? similar to the Giza Pyramids
    The moon pond could be a Cymatic Frequency

  • I received a copy of Hans Jenny's book on Cymatics. There are a few interesting patterns some of which are familiar
    I tried to to include the captions
    The hexagonal arrangement was used from the schlieren process.
  • dante, I noticed before my last visit to CC, several blocks within CC that don't really seem to have a purpose. What your saying about obtaining the right vibration or acoustics just might give a reason for them. Most of them are small and square-ish but not all of them. Here they are circled, I don't know a lot about the subject but does the layout mean anything to you?image
  • Is there anything written on those stones?

    The layout resembles the constellation Pleiades. Not precisely, Pleiades has 7 points, darn close.
    It is mentioned in several ancient cultures across the world, and written in the bible a few times
    I see this layout often, oddly enough I am reading a great book dealing with Operative Masonry
    Notice the layout on the cross.

    I cant think of a reason of how they would all interact with one another as of right now, perhaps each one is special. There is an old Byzantine(interesting history) Church in Turkey, I think it is called Hagia Sophia, there is a sweating column known for its mystical powers, are any of those columns warm? or always damp?

    In Eds "At work" photo he is standing beside one of his tools, does that still exist at Rock Gate?
    Is there anything copper that you noticed?

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    There is writing on the largest stone closest to the entry but I don't think it was written by Ed because it is a placard ( I think plexiglass but am unsure) talking about not disturbing things. But some (not all circled) have an obvious smooth, cemented area on top, as if a platform of sorts to mount or place something on. Here is one:image
    Sorry, it is coming up sideways and I can't turn it.

    When we were there, my daughter noticed this anomolie appearing on several stones so we noted all the places that had this concreted, smooth area. There is a definite purpose to them, just not sure what. Below are the ones we found and there may be more but the tour guides wouldn't let us climb up to check out possible other points (there appears to be at least one more on the Mars stone. Anyway, here are the places that definitely have the smooth, concrete surfaces
  • The smooth surfaces are made of concrete? or the same oolite limestone material?
    The stones could be used as acoustic traps, the Roman Amphitheater's seats were known to be acoustic traps made from limestone, they would snuff would snuff out sound below 500 hz
    I think it is coming down to taking theory to reality, and testing these types of stone with frequency and resonance
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