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NOT "In the beginning" BUT "Creation Duplicates Creation"?



  • Hmm.. yeah.. that is area code for Poughkeepsie.

  • Details for 6574320768. Approx. Income, $19692. Approx. Age, 27. Alt, 657-432- 0768. Approx. Home Value, $453062. Landline or Mobile, mobile. Phone Provider, METROPCS NETWORKS LLC. City, Los Angeles. Last Updated, Tuesday, September 5th 2017, 1:33:36 am. Data Completeness, 74%.

    Oct 19, 2017 · Area Code 657 City. Located in one of the most well-known counties in the United States, this area code is generally used by the upper crust of society.
  • Used to be Ohio. Then they rezoned things as more and more had cell phones. They had to add numbers. Four digits covers ten thousand,times a thousand,(area code) multiplies by another 1000.
    13&17 I knew it was a prime number. I kinda miss that annoying buzz they make.
  • 13&17 I knew it was a prime number. I kinda miss that annoying buzz they make.

    Yeah, next year I see they will be in New York.
  • G11,
    Forrest in a way showed me another possible 2 prime numbers involved with that "CICADA3301".... he simply spaced it "CIC ADA 3301" and that jogged a phone number in Kansas. But then digging deeper into the primes found

    3931 = 546th prime
    41 = 13th prime
    3301 = 464th prime.

  • Forrest and G11 got me thinking again about the prime "seeds" of 13 and 17...and I suspect pretty firmly that it's the key to the 17,1 breathing of EDL's lines in Magnetic Current... that I mentioned in some thread here. The 17 is EDL's page number lines in MC and the 1 is the equator that duplicates when you count 395 from the beginning and end. I see a way that the 8,1,8 of the EDENS is the same pattern of the 8 page numbers before page 11, page 11, and the 8 page numbers after page 11. This is the same as the 2 EDENS.. except page 3 to 10 are prime numbers.. thus these are the index numbers. Here is something that I see has lots of promises and have worked a bit over the years:

    This is the 3 levels of prime indexing.. 6,13,41 for instance and 7,17,59.
    You see the 6,1,6.....involving the 7.... and the 13,1,13 I've mentioned other places in ED's works.
  • Hmm..

    I believe this is the same breathing or twinkling of the "eye of ra" on the back of the US One Dollar Bill.. a pyramid with 13 layers.. then 4 layers of the eye. .. 1 triangle.. the Tetractys.. 1,2,3,4 or 2,3,5,7 on the other side of the coin.. 10 or 17.

  • Here is another pattern relationship that is mirrored, perhaps magnetic, relating the primes and index:

  • ..extending the idea out to the next prime:

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