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Why is EDEN associated with EAST?

One of my favorite flicks is PI the MOVIE.. as I love math.
The Hebrew character in the following clip from youtube teaches the basics of gematria.. and interestingly
enough, he equates the word "QEDEM" with "EDEN". Those words are not the same. QEDEM is EAST. Check it out. Anyone have ideas? I know Genesis says a Garden was built East in Eden... and the Cherubim and Flaming swords were set East of Eden. I also know I decoded a message in a fat burning ad on to say the "smart duck goes west".. or something to that effect.


  • Eden and east are 144
    The words are somewhat similar in how we try and pronounce them
    KODN , QDM
  • isn't EDEN 124?
    ayin 70, dalet 4, nun 50 = 124
    Why are you adding the preposition Kaf for 20 to it?

    "AS EDEN"?

    I find it interesting that it is the 11th letter of Hebrew Alphabet because what I showed you mathematically with the 2 EDENS.. Prime EDEN summing 8 primes from 3rd to 10th and Index EDEN summing 8 index numbers from 12 to 19...with 11 right in the middle of the two EDENS. So.. this I can understand.. and this makes sense to me.. "EAST OF EDEN".. KODN...
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