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An ED Leedskalnin Cipher in Magnetic Current Pages 3 and 5

Starting at first line of Magnetic Current on page 3 and counting 124 lines you arrive at a line on page 5 marked with extra dots: (highlighted below)

It says ". Now measure each and you will see" with a dot above the period and one below the "u" in "you". I asked myself many years ago... "measure what? .. every 20th character?.. punctuation marks?... 'u's?..... something else?". I then thought.. "hmm... 'see' is in the line.. and also written down the right hand margin.. wonder if this line relates to the first line of page 3 where the Acrostic cipher is 'TFF' or 'SEE'?" So, I experimented with all those ideas. I found that if you use a cipher alphabet of 20 characters on line 1 of MC and count from the start and see where the punctuation marks and "u"s fall.. you get the same letters that are capital letters on the 124th line:

now see the spacing here:

If you wrap around to the line behind on page 4..that starts "nets start to run.." you get the missing "T".

Now, we've done all of the things I thought to try years ago, except we haven't taken into account the 20th letters.. let's just try taking whatever is there and see what we get. Then instead of wrapping around to page 4.. let's snake down page 3 instead:

This way produces the message:

SPIRO is both Latin and Greek:

a combining form meaning “coil,” “spiral,” used in the formation of compound words:
Origin Expand
combining form of Latin spīra < Greek speîra coil



    I've never seen this before
    My first assumption would be the spiral column of Boaz. In other words a strong fast helical light , swift, powerful .

    That phrase is to imply instruction when viewing something Ed provided? Or a story(perhaps)
    There were no photos in MC
    Viewing something through a device, a time in the sky?
  • It might be "BOA S".. as in a Boa constricter and the "S" snake shape perhaps?
    What is weird is that the apostrophe seems to be where the message ends in that cipher form. We did snake down the lines to that point.

    By the way, you may wonder why I included the "J" with the "U"s. It's because of the caesar cipher result of

    ROCK GATE (+16)

    That can mean "saw" as in "cut" or "saw" as in "see". If you cut the 26 letter alphabet by "qju" you get 23 letter alphabet. I found this to be important. Why? Because of EDL's claim that there is an "8000 word booklet". But yet I count 9224 or 9225 words. There is 1220 words that contain a "U"...and all words obviously that contain a "Q" also contain a "U". And it so happens that every word that contains a "J" also contains a "U" .. except for the words "JOIN" and "JOINING" on the same line.. one at beginning and one at end. There is 4 words that are misspelled and 2 of them contain a "U", 2 of them don't. Then also, it depends on how you handle the words of "U.S.A.". .. is it 3 or 1?
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