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ED Leedskalnin's "BBQ PIT" and LIGHT Cube based in Hebrew word for Light

If anyone has studied the so-called BBQ Pit of Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle:
(here is one pic randomly taken from Google Images)

you will see it is a cube of 3x3x3 stones basically. We know that all center stones are removed.. except for perhaps the bottom layer center stone, we are not sure if it is hollow or not. But the theory is important. ED Marlinski starts off his Ch 1 asking if basically the East Gate or the BBQ pit is "IT". "And God saw the LIGHT that IT was GOOD..". So, could there be some relationship Marlinski knew about "IT", "LIGHT", and "BBQ PIT"? I saw that one word in Hebrew is the key to solving that puzzle.. owr. Alef (1), Vav (6), Resh (200 = 207 LIGHT.

Notice that ED Leedskalnin's BBQ pit has 27 stones minus 6 center stones on each face and 1 center stone where he purportedly cooked hotdogs for the neighborhood children. This leaves:
1 center stone,
6 face center stones,
20 stones left

Could there be a better and simpler visual representation of light?

Interestingly enough, the Rosy Cross also folds into the faces of a cube... as a side note.

Dante just turned me onto the book by Bonnie Gaunt and she mentions 27 as Light in Einstein's equation E=MC2 and 37 is Energy.. thus matter is 37/27. I find this fascinating.. because geometrically, if you take a cube 4x4x4.. you get 64...the sum of 37 and 27.. or energy and light. Thus.. what if we add a half-cube to the skin of Light's cube? I will finish constructing this in autocad and post next.


  • This is 74 half-cubes added to the skin of EDL's 3x3x3 BBQ PIT:

    x-ray view:

    Bonnie Gaunt in her book says that 74 is number for creation..and mentions right with it 64 and 37. You see here all numbers.. as well as 27.. All in a simple Masonry skinning of a 3x3x3 structure to make 4x4x4 structure.. LIGHT and ENERGY.. by adding Matter of creation.. 74 half-cubes or 37 cubes.

    Is there anything simpler?
  • Bonnie Gaunt - Beginnings The Sacred Design
  • Bonnie Gaunt says the Hebrew word for ENERGY is owl.. alef 1, vav 6, lamed 30.
    = 37 Energy. I find this very interesting because word for Light is owr.. 1,6,200.
    ..or 1st, 6th, and 20th letters of Hebrew Alphabet. This is 27 or a 3x3x3 cube...such as the BBQ pit. So, if we sheathe the outside with 74 half-cubes we have 4x4x4 cube such as shown below. Now EDL shows us to take out the 6 center cubes and the overall center cube to form a Rosy Cross?

    A real mason would see this stone laying pattern leaves the outer skin with various numbers of stones that align with the inner center stone within. As a matter of face 2 sides align to 1 stone exactly as inner 3x3x3 cube face center stone. 2 sides align with 4 stones and 2 sides align with 2 stones.

    This is:
    2 x 1 = 2
    2 x 2 = 4
    2 x 4 = 8

    Notice this is 2 x (1,2,4). If you add the sides with 2 and 4.. you get 1,6..
    This is the same pattern as Light owr.. and now expressed into the ENERGY layer of owl. This can also be viewed instead of 1,6,30 as 2,12,60.

  • Ed uses 'owr' in the enigma machine. It appears alongside 'yom' as 'yom owr', 'day light' from genesis 1:5.

  • I did some messing around with Autocad rendering today:

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