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Cipher to BREAK into Ed Marlinski's book at the START involves TWO WOMEN of the Bible?

What is to follow in this thread is pure, irrefutable Coding Facts. There is NO room for argument here.
Here is a review of pages "XIV" and page "15" with the number of lines per paragraph and the first Capital Letter of each paragraph:

Now, here is the KEY words that form by adding/subtracting the ACROSTIC CIPHER of these 2 pages:

You see that you add the letters of the word "BREAK" to the mirror of "HAGAR" you get the caps on page XIV.
You also see without any room for doubt that if you add letters of the word "START" with the letters of the word "SARAH" you get the acrostic result found on page 15 of ED Marlinski's book. The first results are 1,2,3,4,5 and 5,4,3,2,1 reading order.
The second results are 3,4,5,2,1 and 2,1,3,4,5 reading order.

It's the two wives of Abraham...and the two mothers of peoples descended from ISAAC and ISHMAEL.


  • Note how in English the words "SARAH" and "HAGAR" are virtually mirrors of each other with slight modifications.
  • Took a bath and came back to me that "BREAK" and "START" are both MORSE CODE terms.. especially in International Morse Code:

    ED Marlinski has an index of Morse Code at the back which mentions "start" but not "break". In the very least, these words tie into codes and ciphers. Now, is it one of the many dead ends that he said he and EDL built into his works? Not sure. But I think now I may try other Morse Code terms and the abnormally HUGE capital letters of EDM's book and see where it goes.
  • Hmm.. actually the words "break" and "start" ARE both in EDM's index on Morse Code..but this BREAK he sets to "0" and he says "{Break-in"
    Start is dash, dot, dash, dot, dash
    Break is dash, dash, dash, dash, dash

    There is 5 morse code characters to each word and also 5 letters in the coded names, Sarah, Hagar, Break, and Start.
  • By the way, this below is how I had the idea to play with the 5 Acrostic letters on page 15 with the word "BREAK":

    This is how page 15 starts.
  • ..but what I found was that the Acrostic letters on page XIV and 15 were almost identical.. so I applied "BREAK" from page 15 to the letters on XIV..and found "RAGAH". That's how I cracked in this far up to now. Perhaps it's a dead end...but seems to be lots of thought put into this and lots of nice patterns on many levels in order to let this one die I think. He has Morse Code patterns of 5. He has Biblical Characters of 2 wives, 2 peoples who have been killing each other for thousands of years, he has similarities but differences.. same as Male and Female, he has a numerical pattern of the Hebrew directions somehow involved here.

    So, it's my estimation this path leads somewhere.
  • I find the bottom of ED Marlinski's Morse Code appendix to be tempting clue:
    "BREAK-IN".. and is associated with the arabic numeral 0.

    I found this about a break-in in telegraphy:
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