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ED Marlinski's Pages, Earth Longitudes, and 4 Hebrew Directions

Ed Marlinski's "little black book" is broken into page sections. Anyone ever find it weird that his 4 Roman Numeral introductory pages start with "xi"...11 and go to 14?....and that his 2nd chapter is numbered 11 to 14? Could there be a relationship between those 4 introductory pages and Chapter 2?

Here is his page breakdown (including the cover).
10 introductory pages
80 numbered text pages
1 unnumbered text page ("the beginning of the end")
30 index pages
3 blank post pages

Now.. if any of you doubt that both EDM and EDL were into Hebrew gematria.. look at this fact involving the 4 Hebrew directions related to the Hebrew alphabet. Here is the breakdown of numbers:
1 to 10 South = 55 ...........10.....gem 10
11 to 14 West = 50 ............4.......gem 4
15 to 22 to 18 North= 226............12.....gem 30
17 to 1 East = 144/153.....17....gem 80

Now.. if you didn't catch that.... the 4 Hebrew directions go
south, west, north, east... in a circle
55, 50, 226, 144 + 9 Hebrew Gematria of words
10, 4, 12, 17 Number of concurrent numbers
10, 4, 30, 80 gematria of number of concurrent numbers

..and EDM's book page numbers:
10, 80, 1, 30, 3 .......where the 1 is "the beginning of the end".

Isn't that quite the koinkidink?!

Now.. even better.. this is theory.. and an alphabet..
It also relates to longitudes of the Earth.
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  • Coral Castle is 80.444 longitudes West of the Prime Meridian or what EDM refers to as "OH" in Greenwich England. But the ancient Prime Meridian was said to go through the point of the Great Pyramid of Giza at roughly 31.13 degrees East of "OH". Let's just for now look at the whole numbers

    80 and 31 ... or 80 and 1 + 30.......... 81,31......overlapping at "the beginning of the end"?......or "OH".....which is on the 80th arabic numbered page of EDM's book?
    80 numbered pages, ONE, 30 index pages

    You will also notice that EDM breaks up the 4 Roman Numbered introductory page s into a grouping of 1 and 3 as well... just as the division of the 1 "beginning of the end page" and the 3 unnumbered post pages.

    All quite the koinkidink that EDM's book page numbers align both with Hebrew directions... and also the earth.
  • How many pages in EDM's book counting the cover pages?


    What is Hebrew significance?


    How many rivers in EDEN?


    How many degrees span the mouths of these rivers?
    Mississippi Delta -89/90
    (ROCK GATE) -80/81
    (Greenwich Meridian) 0
    Nile Delta (pyramid) +30/31
    Tigris / Euphrates Delta +48/49
    Yangtze Delta +120/121

    Now... is there a comparison between these and EDM's book pages?
  • 4 rivers and 4 Hebrew directions?

    1. Mississippi River flows South
    2. Nile River flows North
    3. Yangtze River flows East
    4. Tigris/Euphrates River flows SOUTH/East
    (West would make perfect)
  • Amazon River flows East.
  • So here's an ungematria related thought. EDM and EDL use pennies, dimes and quarters in their layouts. In another post about the copyright I rambled on and on about how the dime is the reference size of the ying yang and grail curves, but edl and edm point to a quarter, which I think is for MC. You have 4 directions, and I can tie in to the 4 quadrants of ABIEH cover, along with the 4 quarters of eds polaris scope, the quarter of the mars stone. Also, ed says send a dollar for the body of his works, but I think a quarter goes with MC, a dime for ABIEH, etc, quarter for jupiter, the biggest of his works, maybe. perhaps a silver dollar.
    Now you mention the 11-14 of EDM... Go over to 101 through 104, or without the zero, 11-14, and take some pocket change and check edm's circles, they all fit change perfectly. I'm not saying edm and edl are using change over gematria, but are they tying them together with the 4 rivers, and references to 4 quarters? Check out 101, the triangle is a penny wide, but the curve is exactly a quarter under it. Go over to 102, and put a dime over the ying yang, and then the 'mars' circle. A quarter fits Mars on 103, a penny fits mars on 104, but then it goes to 105, and 105 fits a silver dollar and a penny.... and ed says send a dollar to get his 8000 word book, or MC. The dime though, fits the actual grail curves on MC, like the vesica pic on 105 of EDM. In ABIEH, edl makes references to 'one hundred per cent'. On page 25, he mentions 'fifty per cent', on page 25, and 'money'. You can obviously decode ed with cash somehow, but how does it tie in with the 4 quarters of the rivers is what im trying to figure out. You mentioned before the rivers of eden in the bible represent circles somehow, and the copyright in ABIEH is all about squaring the circle too, and directly related to the dime. Rivers, change, and circles. C O Pi right. Quarters of circles I already found, directly 'gate' into circling the square... how does this all relate? I can't point it out yet, but edl and edm are doing the same things, all leading to circling the square it seems. How does the gematria do this? 4 rivers, obviously 4 quarters of a circle, or 4 sides of a square. Circling the square. Quartering them mathematically leads to the next one when you gate the square sides to circle circumference quarters. I explain this in another post somewhere, and I think they're related.
  • St. John's River about same Longitude as Rock Gate flows North.
  • "BLUE",
    I've got a question for you. You say you don't get the Hebrew stuff. Ok. But forgetting that.. let me ask you this. If I say that a book had chapters with 2 pages, 3 pages, 5 pages, 8 pages, 13 pages, and 21 pages. I then tell you that the fibonacci sequence is 2,3,5,8,13. Would you say that is a coincidence?

    I'm telling you that the 4 Hebrew directions aligns with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

    You sum 1+2+3+4.. to 10.. you get 55. The word for "south" in Hebrew is "negeb".. nun, gimmel, bet....
    nun being the 14th letter = ancient 50 in gematria
    gimmel being the 3rd letter = ancient 3 in gematria
    bet being the 2nd letter = ancient 2 in gematria.

    So, we in Western world divide our numbers and letters into different characters. But the ancient Greeks and Hebrews did not. Alef = 1, nun = 50, tav = 400.
    So, every word of letters was also a potential mathematical equation or vice versa.

    Now, I tell you that the you sum 11 to 14 you get 50.. and west in Hebrew is 50.

    So, you get 4 directions is in consecutive numbers
    1 to 10
    11 to 14
    15 to 22 to 18
    17 to 1

    If you take a sum of consecutive numbers up to another number and back to 1.. you are taking the square of that second number. For example, 1+2+3+2+1 = 9. This is the square of 3. Same goes for any number like this.
    But the 1,2,3 are "triangular numbers" when you stack them on top of each other. So, you see that a square is the sum of two triangular numbers..
    Tri(n) + Tri(n-1) = Sq(n)

    I figured this out on my own through following EDM and EDL clues.. but then saw that a famous Rabbi in Israel that is a Kabbalah scholar also says the same thing:
    Rabbi Ginsburg:

    Now, is it a coincidence I ask you that:
    1. the 4 Hebrew directions in gematria are
    if go south, west, north, east

    2. the Edward Marlinski book page divisions are:
    ..and the 1 says on the page that it's the beginning of the end...
    could this mean that the end is 3 and therefore is to be added to it for 4?

    then we get

    If you look at them as a circle.. wrapping around..then start with 10 of Marlinski's book.. then 4, then 30, then go South, East, North, West... rather than the way I listed it. You went counter clockwise rather than clockwise.

    Can you at least see that much and think that it's quite an amazing coincidence of numbers or a pattern.. or is it purposeful?

  • Hebrew gematria:
    position in alphabet - numerical value assigned:

    1 - 1
    2 - 2
    3 - 3
    4 -4
    5 -5
    6 - 6
    7 - 7
    8 - 8
    9 - 9
    10 - 10
    11 - 20
    12 - 30
    13 - 40
    14 - 50
    15 - 60
    16 - 70
    17 - 80
    18 - 90
    19 - 100
    20 - 200
    21 - 300
    22 - 400

    So, you see that if a number of consecutive numbers add up to something from 1.. they are triangular numbers...and if they are that number and that number minus one.. then those 2 triangles can add up to a square number.

    10,4,12,17 value for consecutive numbers = 10,4,30,80 value for ancient gematria.

    If you understand that.. there's really all you need to understand to determine if I'm right and this train of thought is worth pursuing further or it's a waste of your time.
  • Ginsburg's lesson for children..
    but how many adults know this?
  • This is the triangle of 22 + triangle of 21 which equals the square of 22:

  • This is the 4 Hebrew Directions superimposed on top of the Hebrew 22 letter square:

  • This is a perfect match of Edward Marlinski's book "How to Read His Writings: The Unauthorized Guide to Decoding Edward Leedskalnin's Works" when taking into account the grouping of page groupings and their numbers. This is to include both the front and back of the cover as well as pages.. totaling 124 pages.

    You see above that we are moving counter clockwise in the 4 Hebrew directions.. south, west, north, east.
    10 pre numbered pages
    80 numbered pages
    1 unnumbered page
    30 numered index pages
    3 unnumbered post pages

    Now.. take into account also the longitudes in degrees of earth:
    10 degrees between Mississippi river delta and Rock Gate - flows South
    80 degrees between Rock Gate and Greenwich Meridian
    1 equals Greenwich Meridian
    30 degrees between Greenwich Meridian and Nile river delta - flows North
    3 degrees to......??........Jerusalem?...or what?

    All a coinkidink?
  • Study for yourself ED Marlinski's page numbers and then look at this:

    There is the 10 introductory pages before page 1.. then 10 pages of chapter 1.. then 4 pages of chapter 2. But within the 10 introductory pages is 4 Roman Numeral pages numbered 11 to 14. There is a grouping of 3 and 1, with one page between the groupings. The post pages also have a grouping of 1 and 3.. with 30 index pages between them.. 82 to 111 numbered pages.

    I, myself, find it beyond mind-blowing and intriguing how we have 1 layer of EDM's pages, 1 layer of Hebrew Gematria, and another layer of the longitudes of the earth (involving Rock Gate, Prime Meridian, Mississippi River, Nile River, and an unknown 3 degrees offset of Nile to the East).
  • Is there anyone else on this earth, but me, talking about this stuff? If not, is it because they swore an oath not to? Or is it no one else knows?
  • edited November 2017

    I believe you, Ed was alive when he allowed a reporter to put his headline " Florida's Curious Garden of Eden Still Waiting for it's Eve "
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