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Magnets and Sound have something to do with Hebrew ECHAD (ONE)

Hebrew gematria for the word ONE is ECHAD .. alef, khet, dalet.. or number equivalent.. 1,8,4.
Now check out EDL's "Magnetic Base Sound Base" pamphlet page 3:

Notice the last line of paragraphs that touch both margins. Isn't it odd to have a paragraph with one sentence.. but even more odd to have two of them.. and both mirrored about the line count spacing that equals "ONE" in Hebrew gematria?

The first line that touches both margins is the 124th line.. which in Hebrew is "EDEN". The 2nd such line is 148. The center of the mirrored "ECHADS" is line 135/136. In Hebrew the female voice is 136 and male voice is 135. Could this be the tie-in to the "SOUND BASE" just above and title of that same section?


  • 2Ch5:13 is the only verse I can find so far that mentions both the Hebrew words "ONE" and "VOICE" or "SOUND". It is set in the Temple of Solomon when completed and the cloud of the glory of GOD filled the temple so that the Levite priests could not stand. This involves the numbers 136 and 13. The number associated with a female voice is usually 135. QOWL.. is voice or sound kaf, vav, lamed. But feminine voice is kaf, lamed, heh. There is one verse in Genesis involving the whole world had one language, but that word number is 385... not 136... as seen in Magnetic Base Sound Base.

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