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EDL's Fib Sequence and Hebrew EAST

First line of Magnetic Current is special to me.. as I was told this same thing in a Near Death Experience .. "Look to the East, Look to the east, Look to the east"... this happened in 1996 and I first heard of Edward Leedskalnin on the Transit of Venus June 8, 2004. So... what does it mean? Amazingly, I find EDL seems to point to math.. and in part, the Fibonacci Sequence and Hebrew Gematria. I will share some thoughts.. though there is MUCH MORE to it most of which I can't figure out yet.

This is page 3 of Magnetic Current (MC):

This is page 6 of Magnetic Current (MC):

And here is the 4 Hebrew Directions.. aligned with the numbers 1 to 22.. or alef to tav of Hebrew alphabet,
also the same thing as 22 squared:

Fib Sequence and running sum:

Now.. EDL mentioned the last 4 of his 5 works are meant to count together. If you count the lines in all 5 works you get 2024 lines. If each line was counted as a spherical cannonball and stacked in a tetrahedron shape 22 triangular layers high. The top 15 layers would equal 680 cannonballs...and EDL's first work is 680+1 lines. The last 4 works would be 1343 lines.. which is the bottom 7 of 22 triangular layers.. 1344-1 lines. This is taking the 22 squared.. which can be also shown as sum 1+2+3... to 22 and back to 1 again. In other words.. The 4 Hebrew directions are 2 of the 4 faces of the 22 layered cannonball tetrahedron.

The 2nd work of EDL is Magnetic Base Sound Base and contains 153 lines. This is equivalent to EAST I believe. But the numbers breathe from 1 to 10.. the monad to decad. .. the shown on back of US one dollar bill that EDL points out at very beginning of this work.. with a dot.

Now.. the next work EDL mentions is MC.. and thus there is 7 lines on cover of MC, 2 lines on copyright page, then the 10th line is the title of page 3.. 10 lines total. We have here also the 1,9,10 relationship that is found in EAST... 1 to 1,2,3,4... tip of pyramid shining bright with the EYE OF HORUS. Now.. after this "MAGNETIC CUPRENT" as EDM calls it.. is the word "EAST" in the next line reading left to right and also top to bottom.. down the next 21 lines. And the first 3 paragraphs start acrostically .. TFF.. subtract 1 in a caesar cipher.. SEE. Now.. is it a coincidence that the 153rd line is the first one in MC to have an ending line touch both the right and left margins? And the line after that is the 144th line not counting the first 10 lines. In Hebrew gematria QEDEM is 144.. which is also happened to be a fibonacci number... along with SOUTH which is 55.. the other fib direction.

I ask anyone with a partially open mind that even dares to strain their brain to comprehend what I present here.. to ask themselves is all these fib numbers a pure coincidence? The right hand margin of page 3.. counting lines per paragraph.. that touch the right margin.. 2,3,5,8.. this is the end of the 21 line EAST. and the first 3 paragraphs that start MC that start with TFF .. 2,1,3,1,5,1... 13.. which in Hebrew Gematria is the same as ECHAD or ONE. But also a fib number. So, one one end of 144 lines starting on page 3 MC.. Hebrew EAST.. we have 1,1,1,2,3,5,8..13...21...and the other end on page 6 MC..
we have 34 lines in the 3 paragraphs starting with "BNN".. which also is a caesar cipher shift of "SEE". Actually, it is a -17 caesar cipher.. as 19 S - 2 B = 17.

I also ask you to ask yourself if 144 being a fib number and also the Hebrew Gematria for EAST.. and the fact that he says..
"This writing is lined up so when you read it you look East,".. and from there down.. at the capital "E".. 21 lines down span spells "EAIST"... with an "I" in the center.. which is 9th letter of English alphabet.. which is also the same as the 2+3+4.. that breathes or twinkles in the 4 Hebrew directions.. 153,144,143.... when the monad becomes the decad.

Here is another reason to show a reason that the 1 becomes the 10 in EDL's works. MC I believe is a mathematical representation of the EARTH's polar diameter in English miles... where each line is 10 English miles. .. minus the 17 page numbers in this case. .. and overlapping the equator.. as being 395 lines from each end. .. the earth being 3950 miles polar radius.. thus each line is 10 English miles. We have ONE line is TEN English miles. Thus.. another breathing of 1 to 10. Right? So, could EDL somehow be pointing to a mathematical pattern of EARTH involving the Fibonacci sequence that also somehow relates to EAST...and more specifically the Hebrew "QEDEM" with its corresponding gematria? Could it also maybe have something to do with the US DOLLAR BILL and the 22 layered Tetrahedron? Does the EAST "breathe" or "twinkle" from 1 to 10.. 153 to 144 to 143?

I say ED's hints all suggest this to me but suspect there is way more to the story that I still as yet have figured out.


  • charlie
    April 2016
    poughkeepsieblue said:
    based on what my friend Dave experienced with you in the past.

    allrighty then ' ----- looking at your writing style , I know which Dave are you referring to

    Just remember --- people won't just hand over their knowledge they've spent years of countless hours (right or wrong) to anyone on the net , just for asking.

    I'm curious Charlie.. is it "(right or wrong)" in your opinion?

    Here is my answer (962 or 269).

  • Keep wondering since we have addition of 1 to 22 to 1 and it involves fib sequence.. if Pascal's triangle could be involved here somehow in EDL's EAST:

  • This is Pascal's Triangle in more readable format showing the fib sequence.
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