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Correcting the direction of magnetism

B4 Copernicus every astronomer was wrong. B4 Blake Taylor every electromagnetic professor teacher or theorist including Hawkins and Feynman and all the science books are wrong simply because magnetism flows parallel to its current not as illogically held, perpendicularly encircling it. The currents in coils and magnets then spin their magnetism along with them, so north poles are really anticlockwise magnetic poles or A-poles. South poles are C-poles. Facing poles with like spin attract. They generate a vortex between them and around themselves.

Since magnetism operates in space then those free of illogical perpendicularitis ask, “What is spinning?” “How do Coulomb forces really interact?” “What is Space?” The correct direction of magnetism is the key.


  • A few things that you glossed over that I did not follow.
    1) The right hand rule is applied in the direction of the current to deduce the direction of the E and B field vectors. I don't understand why we would be cured (that is, what insight have you provided that is better than the RHR?) of it based on the information in this video? Plus you didn't mention how the E field is treated in your idea of a B field parallel to the current.
    2) It seems to me your implicit invocation of Bernoulli's principle in explaining why current carrying wires attract/repel is not complete. You say in the case of the two currents traveling in the same direction the pressure is lowest between them (relative to the ambient aether, implicitly?).. fine. But in the opposite case, currently flowing in opposite directions, why would they repel? It would seem that the relative speed of the currents should lead to an even greater pressure drop, and subsequent attraction, than in the first case? Obviously not but anyway...

    Anyway, I'm confused. If you have any free literature I'll read it, let me know. Thanks.
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