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Rock Gate Sun and Moon Dial scales compared to Celestial scale

I find an interesting numerical relationship between EDL's moon and sun dial measurements and the actual relationship of size and distance between the Earth and Moon. Here is a pic taken right from Google Earth and drawn simple circles from AutoCad to represent following:

Moon Dial = 18" radius circle
Sun Dial = 33" radius circle to outer edge
Dist centers Sun and Moon Dials = 504"

I've measured these things in person many times myself at Coral Castle.

As you see above in the numbers, there is a 2:1 relationship of scale. In other words, if we leave the radius of the Moon as 18"... then the radius of the Earth (if represented by sun dial) should be 66". However, the radius is half that at 33".
And with this scale.. the interesting thing in yellow is that the distance to earth in inches is similar to earth radius in miles. I will post the circle on Rock Gate in CAD and Google Earth as to what landmarks correspond to distance between earth and moon at 3981 inches radius... and also half of that.


  • If the Sun Dial sphere represents the scale of Earth, then the smaller circle below would be the scaled circle of the moon orbit. If the sun dial were scaled by 2 to be proportional to the moon dial, then the outer circle would be the moon orbit circle.

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