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Ed's executor of estate

Just a thought. It's a debate whether ed wrote the stats page of ABIEH. It's presumed it appeared after his death, as I understand, after the 3rd owner took control. There's a few curious things about this, and ed's death. First, ed obviously had a last will and testament. It's known he left CC or Rock Gate to his nephew, who in turn, sold it to the 3rd owners, because he could not maintain it. So, if ed had a will, who was his executor? And more importantly, what is stated in ed's will? Are there stipulations about the books ed wrote? In particular, how they are printed, the size, format and paper? CC seems to have a standard set by ed, and the question has been asked in the past, who keeps this standard? Well, no one knows, when questioned about where the books come from, even the manager at CC could only say she just orders more, and doesn't know anything about the publisher. The trail goes cold there. Also, if ed had a will, where is it now? Who has it? And what does it say? Perhaps there is an eager researcher, who could get to the bottom of this someday. As of now, I wouldn't know where to begin.


  • if ed took out a patent for the pmh could be interesting paperwork ? possible trail. usually where theres a will theres a relative, did the nephew have a name or is he fabled ? all the best dvk

  • The nephews were not named officially

  • Hey, my hometown is Kalamazoo...go figure. :)
  • thanks dante that's hilarious, its always! the way of it.. the patent is no go either, presently. dvk
  • eds grave is a bit special , taking into account no relatives to speak of , presently id say he choose the graveyard and plot himself, the sideways inscription is clever and rather smart with an economy of words and simple . also its something ive never seen before, theres a site called find a grave easy to see , guy b is the recordist so clearly a fan .. with reference to my writings in line 28 & 29 ed builds a compass using the sentence centres , N E etc so from the entrance were it begins then aim at the polaris telescope and keep going to the grave, this cant be a mere coincidence.. I thought it was the Kingstone to begin because the B is phonetic for guy i.e. ba so we are ! on the same track , I will open a page on it later. using gmaps and a protractor I made it 61 degrees .. my skill with this laptop are very rudimentary, but this is where he says to do the tests. all the great monuments do NE pyramid Stonehenge parthenon hence the elgin marbles taken from the n e face . math expert required apply within . all the best dvk
  • so to clarify ; having now seen a few other graves its the common enough way of it stateside, and guy b finds graves for the site is all. the B or phonetically BA got exciting because its Egyptian along with the KA and the AKH, which is their concept of soul in preparation for the afterlife, this in turn makes eds writings when combined a" book of the dead ". ed said he knew the secrets of the" people" who built the pyramid . therefore the secrets hidden in plain sight in the same manner as he gives you " thors hammer " in the art on the pamphlet . going back too the entrance alignment to the polaris stone and so forth to the grave, an entrance is an exit also EXIT also means death, so its very well thought out as it appears to be, it is quite clear! executor definition ; 1, a person or institution appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of their will. 2, a person who produces something or puts something into effect, I:E legacy number 2 says ed is his own executor, so much so hes aligned his own corpse to his creation. okay im going to refer you to lines 4/6 of my blog july 8th and ed will tell you for himself , in the meantime albeit briefly KA , the images, the photos newsreels newspapers the books the hints the castle all the tools of remembrance we,ll fly (couldn't resist the pun, lol) BA a little bird with a human head sits in a little niche near the top to survey all I:E: polaris ! AKH , is the blessed or transfigured soul of the person as an effective spirit , which in the most part is due to the "QUALITY " of his willing shabtis….. the MAAT KHERU , this is were the deeds of life focusing on the unwholesome are weighed against the weight of an ostrich feather i.e." the heart ", ed would have cleared this test even if it was with a canary feather , and with flying colours as in truth , " he was a good egg" … evidentially ! all the best dvk

  • birds of a feather flock together as the time old saying goes, with ed having stated in the anagrams, line 30 , that the analogies are deliberate in the text as read in abieh therefore working two ways. bearing that in mind read the following, Answer work when write both and show oz... 32 letters in total , this is fan mail from another author , the before anagram sentence contains two questions so the hints therein the simple math, and it is fair to say ed had his brain in gear and ed had heart and ed had the courage of his convictions in all he left as his monument the actual statement reads as follows; now, who drinks water ? who owns the zebra ? with I dare say no problem at all doing the math, he then refers to ed as a wizard, furthermore the puzzle has 15 numbered lines, and ive quoted for you line sixteen of sixteen, After its journey its also amusingly ironic where it ends up being published,,,,,,,,,,, dvk.
  • with the last line count saying 17 _ 15 between the initial two questions , sweetly the sixteen is missing.. 8 words 4 +4 , (the anagram is also 8 words) 32 letters in total .. 32x4=128 then in turn 128x4=512 leaving the 8 and 0 , hence 80 , taken away from 512 leaves 432, or 432-44 adding a zero 440 , ring any bells ? this is the same thing ed does at the entrance via the signs , where the instructions on how to read the abieh were left , key to the door so too speak, resonance etc . so the two questions equal the entrance at the puzzles exit in effect, it appears to me he had it solved , book and all ..!! and in all ways.. dvk
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