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Was Ed a freemason?

Just looking at the painting of Ed at the frontpage of

Was Ed a freemason?


  • I despise this depiction of Ed. It's undignifying. But then again, I've seen more of the 'artist's' work, and none of it is dignified. Que sera...
    One would assume ed was a mason, being he shaped stones, and seemed to hold some kind of esoteric and lost knowledge. But if you know any masons today, none of them seem to share any of this air of mystery. If they exist in any form, I presume only the upper echelon would be subject to the hidden knowledge of the masons. If any exists at all. Most masons I've met are usually overly masculine, aggressive, gregarious, fat slobs. Not the type I would relate to ed at all. The more I learn about the masons, the less I feel ed was involved with them.
    Then again, I'm talking about 'modern' masons. If they held any technological knowledge 100 years ago, perhaps the modernization revolution during and after WW2 exposed much of their 'knowledge'. If they held ancient secrets about sound and electricity, then it's possible it's all been exposed by tesla and edison and GE, in a form that they can no longer lay claim to being secret.
    Perhaps ed was a mason in Latvia, and when he came here, he found nothing he didn't already know, and didn't waste time with American masons. Perhaps he didn't want to pay his dues, or couldn't afford it when he arrived in the US, so didn't pursue rejoining a lodge.
    Ed left 2 vague clues to his possibility of being a mason, both in pictures.
    One can be found on page 9 and 28 of Korralu Pils, one of the only known pics of ed before he left latvia, taken in 1905, in which ed has his right hand hidden in the picture. This is a legendary sign of masons, hiding their right hand. The other is this one, which I cant find in any books, so here it is.

    It's not the best picture, and it's a gamble whether ed's left hand is also making a masonic gesture.There are clearer copies of this pic, which are easier to make out. Again, right hand hidden, rumored to be masonic symbolism. Without being a mason, we can only speculate, because no mason is going to confirm or deny it. They revel in thinking they have secrets the norms are dying to know, when they likely have none, other than their own code of communication they use to get each other out of trouble. My opinions of the masons aside though, I would gamble that ed was a mason. Masons tend to find interest in ed, he obviously uses some symbolism that masons recognize. I gather it's initially in his orientation of east, west, north and south. He has a high star rising in the east. He has a NE cornerstone, in the mars stone. Although he has his tower in the SW corner, almost in defiance of the NE corner, which masons are notorious for beginning their work and laying the first cornerstone. Ed would have built his living Quarters first. This direct defiance is why I speculate ed was a mason at one point, but moved away from it in time. Ed's books are rife with mason symbolism. Such as ed's yin yang fits snugly in their 345 triangle diagram, like this.

    The Royal Arch 'triple tau' can be found on ed's page 10 in MC. Also, ed left many symbols pertaining directly to the symbol of the 'Order of Knight Masons'. OOKM features heavily on ABIEH cover. The Royal arch and order of knight masons are also degrees which don't require you to be a christian, and ed always claimed to hold no religion but his own.
    Another thing that a friend of mine pointed out is how ed's double border on MC fits within the checkered masonic floor.

    The floor layout is directly responsible for the layout of ed's cover of MC. The floor doesn't fit perfectly within the borders, as ed's borders are too long, but no matter what side you lay it from, it directly relates to the typeset layout of MC. I won't explain it much more, the work isn't mine to claim, I didn't do the maths, but it exists. Likely not a coincidence.
    I'm sure I've come across more coincidental evidence, but that's what I remember at the moment.

  • Interesting and elaborate post! Thanx a lot.
  • Ed is spinning somewhere no doubt

    Here is a visual construction of the Masonic floor

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