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Ed Leedskalnin at his flywheel



  • NodeMCU is actually a mini computer with WiFi and many I/Os (input outputs). Well not as many as Arduino does, but a handful. So you can basicaly make it anything you want to.
    A controller for motors, driver for servos, reader of sensors, wireless accesspoint, webserver.
    All you can combine them all together and do something cool with it.

    Here’s my chicken coop mobile app as an example:

  • Gardener said:

    Solid state relay. No mechanical contact. No arc.
    Can switch at high frequencies.

    Gardener said:

    @Magnetic_Universe and as a solid state relay, you can get one of these:

    That is a 3 phase relay, each phase can handle 25A, so you would connect them in parallel to get 75A current throughput.

    Is that enough?
    If not, connect as many as necessary in parallel.

    How do you control the frequency?
  • Program the MCU would be my guess. Micro Controller Unit-MCU. Myself, a car battery, a car stereo amp, laptop to the input of the amp. Microphone on laptop inputs slightly to output to amp, signal generator on laptop. How do you express one cycle every two seconds? 1 hz is one cycle in one second. Half Hertz? .5 hz interesting.
  • @g11 Yes, and that's what would be necessary to make something like this efficiently controllable.

    I've mentioned this before - the pulse width modulator is only capable of 10hz adjustments so moving from 30hz to 40hz kills the timing. Once up to speed it may only require .5hz depending on the load. Similar to Ed's wheel, I synced it at 30hz by spinning it by hand.

    I've since sold this contraption, but if I decide to build Ed's best machine it would need to be powered and timed similarly. I don't know much about the industry but it seems like this momentum based design would be good for space applications?
  • What is that rhythmic pinging sound? Myself I am just learning how the transistor's work. Not sure how many I burned up from overvolting them. I like my bulky homemade switches. Amazes me how much heat is produced in the carbon rod I use. When I have extra money I will invest in some more PNP transistor's. Found out yesterday the brass rod I use for my swing hammer is from a eljer toilet flapper assembly. Upper lift rod. Now I know where to find more. To bad it is such a pain to build a clutch like chainsaws have. Except the speed would break the contact points. A governing device. Like the fan blade of a lawnmower flywheel blows on a flap that closes the butterfly in the carb. With electric I think about slot car controller's and how a rod is moved across a long resistor, at rest it is at maximum resistance, fully pulled it is at minimum resistance...with a lawnmower you can hear when that spring is wearing out. It has a rev then slows down, and repeats while idling. A loose throttle return spring on a semi truck and that truck will start bucking if you're not careful.

    Autobot is in control of the frequency generator. It can type numbers and hit the send key faster than I could. This video channel 1 is the 504 number's that a<>b,b<>c,c<>a. Channel 2 is channel 1's frequency times three. So 123&369, 132&396,,,,,,My Autobot's can read, so if I run a tuner app for guitars, listening to the mic. FYI the mic isn't always a audio microphone. My wine glass coils hear electromagnetic fields across a wide spectrum. Finding good glasses to coil is the issue.

    32 gauge magnet wire.
    How the glass is tapered to much angle and you end up with a mess of wire around the stem. Sitting for 4 hours is near impossible these days. Don't have my hacked sewing machine either. Skate wheel fits well in the opening of the wine glass, foot pedal controls the sewing machine motor, leaving both hands free to guide wire on the glass. Stepping foot of sewing machine pushes the button on the step counter.

    Three magnets and three ring's. Half of each ring becomes a pole. How fast could it be spun between the Ushape PMH? If I bind the ring's with coils? We know which ways to wrap the magnet wire around a piece of iron to cause this pole or that pole. Ideally cast rings work best if the form was spun during cooling. Just to get the particles to align in the right direction. Always think 3 ring circus's. Three ring circuit. Now the ring's bound by coils verses magnets, the joint of the top two will balance on any ball in the bottle. The bottom ring will bounce off the bottle if it is out of balance. The bottle fits flush in the |_| shape of pmh. If the prongs are wider than what the bottom ring can touch while leaning on the bottle. Now when the wire ends of the ring coil touches the prongs the prongs should be equal yet opposite of the ring coil. If my prongs are positively charged and my bottle cap negatively charged it should spin?
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