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The machine that built Coral Castle

Hello everyone
I tried to search the site if this topic was treated but I did not find anything. I apologize in advance if I have duplicated a tread.

What do you think about what's written about this link? Can such a simple tool have contributed to the construction of the Coral Castle? Could it be helpful to try to create a replica? (Although seeing it so I do not think it's really working)

To you comments.


  • This particular stele or wall carving has always been associated with electrical phenomena .
    Pyramids have been associated with electrical discharge phenomena, but spheres always with planets or the sun gods.
    It is clear frommdavevTalbits work that this stele is a reference to the thunderbolts of the gods, the world mountain, the backbone of heaven etc but not clear what the long Lilly like flower represents nor the cartouche which grows from it with the snake like line within it. The cartouche is shaped in a none standard manner and the snake appears to curl into a circle or head form .

    The images to the side, underneath , definitely reference Gods but I am not sure which. It is also interesting that the two facing figures are in that position and may allude to lesser beings , the other two carvings are of a great god , the backbone of the heavens and a god in the same stance, which usually is an explanatory symbol of what it is next to.

    The large God holding up some objects I do not understand , nor the god or man on the left into whose genital area the Lilly opens.

    There is a clear tradition of fertility being involved with these gods and the inauguration of kings and these plasma discharge forms referenced.

    As to the box containing the pyramids and spheres I have no idea . Certainly the material will be magnetic , that is a fundamental assumption of all philosophers with any understanding. Whether this box act vas a capacitor or a battery or an inductor I do not know . It would be simple enough nowadays to video the box in operation and post it on youtube, so I reserve judgement until such evidence of its operation is produced.

    In the past it was popular to appeal to our ignorance to dismiss these ideas as nonsense, but that is no longer acceptable. Many academics spout nonsense to maintain there social standing and financial advantage , and some to protect esoteric knowledge they wish to keep within their particular mystery school to which they subscribe .

    Their is no clear connection between this box, the stele and Ed.
  • Agreed. My 9 year old has a digital camera, and could probably have a more popular youtube channel than I do.
    Yet all they offer is a few grainy photos of their machine.
    When I build something I'm proud of, I display it for all to see.
  • And btw Jehovajah, that series of thunderbolt project videos is now recommended on my youtube, because I clicked on it here. I became fervently addicted to them. Fascinating. Thanks.

    Oh, spam block... that works also... yup
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