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A good theory on ether and gravity and clues to Ed's antigravity device

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Hi I am new to these forums. I have been having discussions with my brother who is an astrophysics enthusiast on what gravity is. He is not fully convinced of the idea that matter is separated into the N and S magnets but he does agree with the ether, which is no doubt composed of the individual N or S magnets. I agree with his theory on gravity. All planets and suns that have gravity also have a large atmosphere of densified ether magnetically held around them. This ether atmosphere is drawn to the center of the earth because our planet, moon, and most likely any other body with gravity has in its center a mechanism for converting the ether magnets into protons, electrons,... to hydrogen gas.

Any planet with gravity is growing. Check out the expanding earth theory on youtube. If you reduce the diameter of the earth but keep the continental plates the original size they will PERFECTLY fit together unlike current pangea models. 95% of the material that comes out of volcanoes is water vapor and when geologists drill very deep into the earth they say the rock literally jets out hydrogen gas. This is evidence that matter is being created in its simplest forms deep in the earth. This process of changing ether magnets into hydrogen gas causes a displacement of the ether in the center of the earth. The surrounding ether atmosphere is drawn towards the center of the displacement and in the process pushes across every thing in its path.

So the goal as I see it is to recreate the process that converts ether to higher forms of matter over top a large heavy block. The device would have to be positioned on top as to create the space underneath where no ether is flowing. Or the goal may be to create a device that diverges the ether around the block to a certain depth underneath.

My thoughts are that this device has no moving parts but is a certain arrangement of magnets and wires that forces the ether through certain channels where it can be pressed against itself hard enough to bond into protons, etc. Maybe in the future planet seeding will be a big hobby as the material creator device is most likely easy to create, and there will be jobs going around blowing up small mile wide planets....

Any thoughts?


  • Why is this such a mystery I feel like this is hard enough to understand that it could at least be explained clearly, how gravity is magnetism and how anti grav works..someone, anyone, have the answers?

  • Hopefully, if people get together in communities like the one here @Magnetic_Universe and will work together, one day it'll be explained and used for benefit of everyone...
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    Gravity is not like typical magnetism. Magnetism is a bidirectional flow and gravity travels in one direction as it only travels from the center of the earth outward. Leedskalnin says that gravity is caused by a matter deep in the earth that is more dense than Uraninum: See:

    Because of heat and pressure this matter was able to absorb more magnets than it's normal capacitance would allow. It releases these excess magnets as it cools and they have no choice but to travel outward. Since all atoms are made up of bidirectional traveling (N and S) magnets, gravity is attracted to the magnets that are traveling against it. So gravity is attracted to everything in front of it (Leedskalnin has an experiment to demonstrate how this works), but it's finite. There earth may be expanding, and even Ed says that the Earth is in a construction period, but there is evidence that gravity has diminished over time. Here is a depiction of the atom: image

    The common core in the middle is what holds the atom together and is the area where the flow of magnets is the most concentrated.

    Here is a depiction of the bidirectional flow in the Perpetual Motion Holder, which is a cross section of the atom, or one of the U's in the pic above. The PMH is a torus, whereas the atom is more like the inverse or what I call A-toroidal. I have an animation in the works to demonstrate this.

  • Hi Matt,
    Looking at your model of an atom... Could you please explain, why there's no Z axis?
    Would't it then fit better into our 3d space?

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    Are you referring to the animation because I see a Z axis in the atomic model? This demonstrates the common core concept. Picture a 6 sided hexagonal core with 6 'C' shapes rather than 'U' shapes.

    Now here's a confusing design:

  • I was referring to this image.

    The core drawing above is a nice Esher type of drawing :)
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  • "Gravity is not like typical magnetism. Magnetism is a bidirectional flow and gravity travels in one direction as it only travels from the center of the earth outward."

    then what creates the inward pull? there at least should be pairs of magnets of opposite polarity traveling inwards.

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  • Oh well, that seems to have been swallowed up by the aether!
    Ed's theory of magnetic current is intriguing, but beyond his empirically backed work, his other theorising lacks that attention to detail. I think that more experiments need to be devised based on his theoretical model .
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  • I was typing on my Ipad for a good while. I then pressed the post button and a pop up came up saying saved at abouy 9pm. Then the discussion came up on screen without my post.
    I cannot find where the site saves drafts so as to be able to pick them up.
    Thanks for the reply.
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