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Moon fountain/raised edge

edited February 2017 in Edward Leedskalnin
The first time I saw the Nebra Sky Disk, I immediately thought of Eds moon fountain, primarily because I've been interested in the raised, common-like edge on one side and the sky disk has what is commonly considered to be depicted on one side layed in gold.

I ran across this video today and it is definitely intriguing
Skip to the 9:00 mark and you'll see the connection.

The marks on the disk number 10. The points within the raised edge on the moon fountain number five points however, if you count the inside of each point (the high and low), that's ten. I no longer live in Florida so I cannot go there to test the theory but I do know the raised edge is on the western side of the fountain.

Most everyone studying eds work is of the opinion that Ed may have had some kind of extraordinary education (Mason's), perhaps, if this is a connection, whatever knowledge base surrounds the Nebra Sky Disk may be something Ed aquired at some point.


  • I believe it's more. I've studied the Nebra Sky Disk on and off throughout my studies. I always found it interesting that a deity is traveling on a boat or a solar chariot.

    There is an old newspaper article from 1934 regarding Eds work. The "moon fountain " was "operational" . From the article... " The centre spouts water geyser-like". Heated how?

    In my opinion I believed Ed left clues for us to follow on site. I believe the curve is a Parabola. A symbol to state reflection is required with sound or even light. Is there something else which symbolizes a reflection? The two crescents.. or how about water

    What happens when sound or light reflects back on itself?

  • I was hoping someone else would comment. Perhaps some of you have already found what the raised edge is.
    The raised edge is a quadrant. Without any doubt. I was hoping the raised edge was a form of lens. I'm confident Ed had a selection of them, however in this case the raised edge is to be astronomically, and symbolically interpreted. If you study the Masonic " Past Master " symbol you will make the connections. More importantly what the quadrant is
  • Here is a recent article that has some pretty good background info:

    I'm still on the fence about this thing because there seems to be a lack of anything definitive regarding the symbols, but anything is possible.
  • Dante, I am with you on the quadrant. I think it is symbolic not ornamental. I've tossed around some ideas on another thread because I think it's position and what it's pointing "at" is a key...or I should say that what the invisible compass is pointing at is a key.
    Here is an image of my best estimation of its coordinates

    The star is pointed as it is in the fountain but enlarged to easily see it's contact points along the outer edges of the fountain
  • We can analyze each stone at Eds Place on its own and find a few correlations
    I haven't been to the current Coral Castle, I remember you have flem.
    What's directly behind the raised edge? Which one of Eds creations is it lined up with?
    I believe it's the Sundial
    Could these two relate together somehow
  • I believe the nine ton gate just inside the entrance is the only thing. I'll have to go over my notes and pics, but I believe it's clear between the two.
  • Whoops, I meant the 3 ton gate. I cannot find a good image but I know for certain the sundial is not between the two because I turned the 3 ton gate at a specific angle (Following a hunch and the angle I was seeking pointed directly between the two moons). What is interesting is that there is a small unnamed object bewtween the 3 ton gate and the fountain AND that is the one we first recognized those smoothed concreted spots. Here's the best image I could come up with from code144.

    Also remember Ray Ramirez using the 3 ton gate to demo energy changes... I believe his subjects were somewhere out between the gate and the fountain.
  • Thanks for the info flem.
    I'm still looking into this
    To sit in the chair to observe Eds sundial would be helpful. Would they allow someone to climb up there is the question.

    This photo I have is from Rock Gate

    My initial thought was sundial and moon( two crescents and full moon) alignment.
    Sitting on that chair all day would shed some light :)
  • I'm almost confident now that Eds moon fountain is designed according the the Saros cycle. Following the Eclipse cycle of the moon. 223 synodic months = 239 anomalistic months = 242 draconic months
    Each "wave" that we see on Eds Moon Fountain represents a full moon

    It has been claimed within reason the Antikythera device can track the Saros cycle. X-Rays have shown there were once 223 teeth, using quadrants

    Perhaps Ed was pointing to a specific Full Moon With the "cut" line he made on the edge of the Moon Fountain . The eclipse cycle surrounding that particular full moon
    More research need to be attached to this concept, especially in relation to the rest of the creations of Ed

    Numerically the numbers presented in the Saros cycle are interesting and be linked with
    older Masonic numerology. 223, 322, 144

    Wikipedia can be referenced, subsection Full moon cycle and the saros - using the FMC for predicting eclipses

    Wikipedia Saros Cycle reference
  • Interesting that 3 cycles of the saros is 54 years 33 days... or ED 33.
  • Interesting that 3 cycles of the saros is 54 years 33 days... or ED 33.

    That's very interesting because 3 cycles or ED 33 refers to another eclipse cycle called Exeligmos which is Greek for " turn of the wheel "

    The question is which Saros Series was Ed referring to? There are currenty 41 in operation
  • Dante I found this in my pics. As you can see, the comma is directly in line with the 3 ton gate. Look at Eds chair there above the sundial...what's it mean
  • That's a great picture flem, also of Eds building

    I know in order to tell time we need the Solar calendar, and its effects from the Lunar calendar. Eds chair reminds me that timing is everything, and patience
    Eds Rock Gate is oriented to the North which indicates a stellar alignment/creation. Ancient structures originally oriented themselves with stellar alignments, lunar worship followed and now more recently,solar.
    The three ton gate represents Capricorn. I don't understand the path as of yet. All souls/spark descend from Cancer and return through Capricorn(ancient texts) Whether this relates to Eds creation...

  • Do these pics ring any bells with anyone?
    Look at this one:

    Does it not look like the "Y" shaped "AT WORK" log on the back side of the front cover page?

    What about this one on the back cover page?

    So.. put them together and that leaves EDL associated with Andromeda constellation. His "pointed" legs look like andromeda..but it's upside down or mirrored compared to Cassiopeia and/or Pisces on either side.

    And here is a close up of the 3 stars in Andromeda that are a perfect match.. right from Starry Night Software:

  • If EDL laid on his hanging swing with feet East and Head West hanging out through west chain support and looked straight up through the hole in the ceiling of his 2nd story Tower room.. he'd see the Zenith Star. He could get more accurate by hanging a plum bob from the crossed wires he put in the hole.
    Then, this above spot of Taurus is reached when the star Mintaka in the Orion's belt reaches due South of Rock Gate. 18 minutes of declination north of this star is the celestial equator. These stars stay in alignment virtually always..except for the slow precession of the equinoxes cycle of 26,000 years. This is how ancient mariners could tell their latitude by measuring the zenith point angle to the celestial equator star.

    This star is also associated with the Osiris and the 3 pyramids to the 3 stars in Osiris belt. Kind of a coincidence I say that there is 3 letters written near this spot on EDL's "AT WORK" log.

    Could these notches on the metal gear be used for measurment? Could the bowl of water be used to see a reflection from directly above?

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