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Apology And Explanation

Recently i had a major break through that well shattered every idea ive ever had. Ive recently come to understand that life on this planlet wasnt what i was told when i was growing up. Im limited to only a phone so my connection to the outside world is limited at best. I ask if man is ready for gravity because it proposes some searious issues. For example if you finally understand matter you discover that gravity "the force that binds you to the planet isnt really a force at all. Its merely the way your planet tells your subatomic particles which way is down. Gravitys is actually birthed from the sub atomic. Its a form of magnetism that is tied into the never ending motion within matter. This energy is birthed in deep space. When your large bodies "galaxies" are connected the bands behave differently. At that level the bands gain a male femal aspect. The larger band is produced by the galaxy that produces more energy. Were not really moving. Our bands that bind our galaxy together also anchor us to everything else and the motion of the bodies keep us wobbling in one place while space grows around us. In deep space when a kink is formed from the bands the neccessary energy needed to release that kink creates motion in excess of light speed. At light speed space says you cant go past that point but if you do and you underatand how the double helix of the bands acts you find that its possible to achieve light squared. Space is ripped apart and divided. The shell of a quark was once space that folded back over on itself creation the 0. The energy that was once time becomes the new inverted space within matter. This inverted space creates your motion within matter. The north and south poles that exit the particle are both connected and disconnected at the same time. This is what you want to affect. If you can find a way to make an amalgam of magnetic and diamagnetic waves you can change the direction of spin or contant motion. This and a few other things im still working on. Its taking time because like i said i only have a phone and the understanding of how all life is just a reflection of what came before it. Considering i live in the country, have no one helping because im the only geek around, no college, or any training of any kind i think im doing ok. I make sure to keep my thoughts in line with physics as well i expand past a few of humanitys flaws. Like the idea that making money off gravity is a good thing. Gravity and anything that relates to this tech has to be given for free to the world and respected. This tech is what killed millions and the understanding of this is what lead himans to the salem witch trials. Gravity, the super semetry of life, and quantom mechnics was considered witch craft and devil magic in the past. Its the forbidden fruit in the bible for a reason. This is what changes the world and starts your next war. If the understanding of magnetism is misused you can shut down whole continents and divide nations. I know these things and yet i wonder if history will be kind when you finally realize whats going on and whats about to happen over the next few years. Gravity and the understanding of how time/space works is the lynch pin to all life everywhere. Wanna know a secret? The egytian, mayans, and romans figured it out. They left clues for us. The understanding of the universe is built into their religions and ways of thought. You just need to be open minded and willing enough to put the time in to understand how time"father"and space"mother" work. No bs religion im talking look and understand how time the shell of all matter is your father because its how you learn. The complexity of this isnt something you could ever put into writing and the closest it came was the bible. Due to the fact everyone only hears the words and dont research what and where they came from you get what the bible calls the mark of the beast aka ignorance. Oh and that number it talks about thats money. If you dont have a number in your pocket you cant live, eat, sleep, or get an education. Sorry if i affend anyone but these are the questions that plague me. The deeper you go into the contruction of the universe you start finding where all that mysticism comes from. People forget alot because that how time works. It erases the past to make way for the future. As well all that potential in the past we keep trying to find locked away on some tablet well stop looking. Life gave us the answers once. We can do it again. We just need to look inside again and get the ajswers that are already there.
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