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Brainiac 75 demonstrations of Magnetic Behaviour

When I first came across a magnet I was awestruck! To my young mind it was a power that could do anything! . Then as I got more familiar i became blindsighted, overlooking many behaviours I thought I k" knew"!
Time to let the scales fall from my eyes.
Ferro magnetic behaviour is exhibited by more than just ferrous materials !

The dipole we identify in a bar magnet is a familiar construct that obscures multiple poles in lodestone/ crystalline forms.
But using a dipole we define ferro magnetism, paramagnetism and diamagnetism as behavioural constructs of various metallic crystalline forms tha vary in viscosity and thus reactivity of the lattice forms.

The reactivity of the metallic lattices reminds us we are dealing with dynamic structures from which reactive behaviours we draw out those particularly reminiscent of ferro magnetic behaviours.


  • These are the main inorganic crystalline forms that help define the concept of magnetic behaviour. It is only recently that we have developed powerful magnets that act on compound forms and organic crystals which needs further exposition
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