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A book in every home and PMH

As we know, the "A Book In Every Home" was written as a in a perspective of
individual male magnet as a manual to build up enough magnetic strength to create a
Perpetual Motion Holder (PMH). This is loosely based on Matt Clarkes first published
decoding ( Book In Every Home.docx )

fresh GIRL - is a curved U-shaped bar without any magnetism. U-shaped metal bar can
magnetize on it's own or they can be factory bought. They are then ruined and cannot
be used due to magnetic domains etc.

fresh BOY - the straight bar of the PMH

MAN - permanently magnetized (and coiled) straight bar for the PMH

MAMMA / MOTHERS - the creator/builder of the PMH

FATHERS - The Companies producing the magnets.

MONEY - Refers to current (AND CURRENCY) of the male magnet.

Sweet sixteen - This is coiled and furnished GIRL intended for (16 volt) lovemaking
with the coiled MAN bar having signigicantly stronger voltage with enough currency.

The GIRL, U-shaped metal bar can magnetize on it's own or they can be factory
bought. They are then ruined and cannot be used.

The domestic and political views are obvious from this point of view. Nobody wants
your life, but your property as the property can be used for making the
currency/currents/surplus magnets. To maintain big property means to have more
currency because more work is to be done. To get more, you have to put in more. It's
like economics: more money comes to money, more debt goes to debt.

Now: Ed left behind a now lost treasure map which yielded nothing. Assumption: X
marks the spot. It's about where he draw the money electrical current. That is; from
the earth/ground and it's crust which has negative charge! )

The money Ed left behind was 3,500 USD in 100 dollar bills. The currency/current is
hence 35 amperes.

"To gain the admission with currency", you have to ring twice. That is: make two
circuits which is operated in on PMH together with DC induced hysteresis. The
sequence is important: The MAN bar with coil is set up before. It's used for source
mode: When sourcing, the power is generated in the supply and dissipated in the
device. The GIRL furnished for lovemaking with coil is used for sink mode: the power is generated
in the device and dissipated in the supply. If they are in equal balance, there is
no output. 10 cent difference/dropping enables tapping the surplus magnets from the
second coil in the U-Shaped girl (which now has became a mamma from the love
making)... .. the earth or the ground
IS the second conductor).

The guide how to manipulate the directions of the currents are taught in the
Magnetic Current.

The basis is found from furher readings:

DC power supply fundamentals ( )
Magnetic hysteresis


  • This video may already be known but I publish it for those who have not seen it.
    The Gematria or Numerology is part of the MQuabbalah, or Calculation methods of Astrologers, before it was given over to computers etc.
    Although given this air of deep mysticism spirituality etc it nevertheless has a pragmatic purpose : to determine invariant or almost self similar ratios in what dynamics we observe. These ratios have proved useful in constructing static or dynamic systems or models.

    The ratios tell us how and when, but not necessarily what , where or who!
    Our minds and senses must be used to observe and gain knowledge and expertises to apply how and when.
    Why? That is the mystery nd myth writers question . Any answer will do providing it ties the other 5 together in an engaging story. But such stories can illuminate or obscure , they can encode or decode.
    He that has an ear let him hear xxx
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