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Gematria: Sweet sixteen

Hi all,
i've just coincidentally came across this:

The very first result says: "Tesla Newton Einstein"
The third result is: "Atoms Of Yahweh"

Is there anyone, who could give more insight on this or do you think it is just pure coincidence?




  • Hello Gardener.

    After a quick visit of the site and review of the info., those results seem to be standard with little significance for what we're 'looking for', those results are the Jewish Gematria - Atoms of Yahweh also shows up in the English and Simple Gematria half way down ea. list - the list is organized by amount of searches, and they have in common a Gematria value which is why they display together. Searching numerical values for words is 'half' of the Gematria process, as described here : "..Gematria combines the visual imagery and isopsephia value of Greek words with the dimensions of geometric objects such as the perimeters of circles, squares, triangles, or the lengths of symmetrical groups of lines that converge on these objects so that the imagry of the words match the appearance of the diagram. .." from here :

    perhaps extending 1649 out geometrically can validate any significance.

    .. of course here are other sources for Gematria info., used these for the purpose of conversation. Good Post, thanks.
  • Hi staniel,
    many thanxs for this nice explanation...
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