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Harmonics, vibration, charged water experiment success.

Experiment: I purchased a Duravox (spelling) underwater speaker, bought a cheap $17 amplifier off ebay, loaded a "432 & 528 hz healing" video on the computer and dropped the speaker into the "cast iron claw foot bath tub" I inherited from my Grandmother.. Crawled into the hot water and I could feel the tingle from the music reverberating in the "solid iron tub". Other side of the stereo feed was to a audio shelf speaker. This is the sound track off youtube I used.. [url] I hurt my back in 1988, have had no feeling in my feet since. I got out of the tub a hour later and had feelings in my feet.. what else it did to me? I felt invigorated, energetic, I am hypo-thyroid and my dosage has never been exactly right, low testosterone, overweight (and ugly)... I feel bad a lot, am grumpy. Was in Martial arts training before the injury & health issues and felt the "chi" you build before a "board break.. this is similar". My wife had positive results, suggested I buy another amplifier to use just for this purpose. She was "flushed and stayed in the tub for near a hour". (as I did, till the water got cold) She also had trouble calming down to go to sleep that night.

This so far has been a success, why?
(1) I suspect the cast iron tub is better than a fiberglass jacuzzi.. I think the iron tub is a resonance chamber.
(2) I suspect the water achieves a change becoming charged like in a Tibetan singing bowl.
(3) I suspect I wanted it to work, a placebo effect. I can play the video on speakers and recharged slightly, thou I do not feel as good as when immersed in the vibrating water.

I wish I could fully immerse in the tub, My knees, chest & head all stick way above the water line.

I tried once before to stimulate the "chi aura", using a tesla coil, a motorized driver to pulse a insulated platform, and LED glasses to synchronize my brain to the pulse.. It did not work other than making my skin crawl like I had bugs all over me.. I didn't suffer ill effects, or die.. yet.. But that was a failure in my recollection.



  • @Dawai
    I am so pleased for you and your wife!
    The cymatics you immersed yourself in are certainly real, not just a placebo .
    You must allow them to regenerate your nerves and your mind( how can you be ugly and bathe in such beauty?) and keep us informed.

    The cymatics will charge the water , a thing thatvŌrsted observed so many decades ago!
    The Biofield is a real scientific( whatever!) entity being studied right now xxx
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