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Electrically enhancing a permanent magnet

Good day,
I am a magnetism layman and have a question that I have not been able to find the answer to, any help/direction would be appreciated.

Can you get a permanent magnet, add a coil around it and power source (like that of an electromagnet) to enhance its magnetic force?

Has this already been done and if so what are they called?

I understand there are possible variables, but does it as yet exist?




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    It's in ed leedskalnin magnetic current..
  • Well that seems confusing.
    So the simple answer is... Yes it can be done? No specific name for this configuration?
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    Yes, this can be done, but is there a reason why you just wouldn't use an electromagnet forgoing the permanent magnet altogether? I ask because Leedskalnin mentions an extra 'winding' on page 13 of Magnetic Current, but makes no mention of an additional 'power source'...

    Now I will illustrate how my best machine is doing it. I will use only one coil, and one U shape permanent magnet without using the winding that the machine uses to increase the permanent magnet strength.
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    Go look at my latest picture the female has one "CORE
  • Thank you.
    M_U: I was thinking that about energy input to magnetic output. My thought was that you might get a greater magnetic output from "enhancing" a permanent magnet with a small input then simply making an electromagnet. The other thing was that if there was a way to increasingly create an energy output by the permanent magnet that in turn feeds the energy input to "enhancing" the permanent magnet further it would be self perpetuating. Sorry if that comes across confusing.

    Antig: I will look into your posts.
  • @87sf
    Interesting, and Ed may have been doing something along those lines. Perhaps induction is a bit easier with a permanent magnet and he didn't need any additional input.
  • Interesting.
    The question is : why is a permanent magnet permanent?
    At the moment we visualise magnetic domains in iron cores , and these are morphable. .
    The current Skymion research models Skyrmions as motile vortices within the presumed magnetic field. . But pictures of magnetic domains seem quite crystalline and solid and compact in structure, so at first thought it does not seem possible that they could be motile !

    The current particle theory has an issue with domain boundaries that Skymion research is addressing.
    From a fluid dynamic paradigm, which I hold to , solidity is replaced by viscosity. This means that within highly viscous materials morphogenic change can occur by domain boundary change, the viscosity simply means the change may be slow or require a certain level of energy to overcome latency.
    Now if you will allow cymatics to inform your view, as I do, it is demonstrable that at the correct frequency a solid object can form regulat patterns that can change boundary. Thus in the viscous iron material, the domains we visualise inna permanent magnet may simply be cymatic patterns for the ambient frequency.

    Placing a permanent magnet in a coil oscillating at a different frequency not only will change the cymatic structure of the magnet , but will also exhibit the NMR response..
    Thus the NMR theory may be in fact the basis for defining a domain boundary.the precession measured may be the signal of domain boundary change or of Skymion motility.

    Whichever the researchers choose it is interesting to see if resident magnetic behaviour in a permanent magnet can self enhance by interaction with a coil.

    I suspect however that the natural magnetic frequency variation( the so called electromagnetic spectrum) of the environment interacts with a permanent magnet in a coil by an antenna kind of coupling. That may indeed increase the magnetic force of a permanent magnet gradually on its own.

    The guild of magnet makers know how to make a bar magnet of any strength by using similar expertise within the earths magnetic field.
    You will find this technique among the Royall Philosophical Societies .
    There is a thread here that has links to that resource.
    This is the thread
    @Gardener I think this resource should be in the library link. Can you do that or do I have to repost as a library thread?
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