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Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keely's Secrets

edited September 2012 in Library
Understanding and using the science of sympathetic vibration by:
Dale Pond
John Keely
Nicola Tesla
Edgar Cayce
Clara Bloomfeld-Moore
Lawrence Oliphant
Louise Off
Henry Wood
R. Harte
Dr. Hall
Henry Hudson

Edited by Dale Pond

Download the Book (100MB)


  • I've heard of Keely was he the one who proved gravity = magnetism?
  • This is an excellent book I have not read all of it but have been in and out of it over the years. I don't think it was Keely that proved gravity equals magnetism but I'm not sure...The first time I had heard that theory was from Ed's writings...
  • @Ones65118: Thanx for comment...
    Yes it is an excellent book. The download link is provided, if anyone would like to read it.
  • Personally I think anyone interested in this realm should check out your link, it is well worth their time. fascinating indeed... :)
  • edited February 2014
    Here is a zip file full of Keely stuff and much more. There are also other zip files within this that you should be able to download as well.

    Download link
  • Excellent Thanks! will check it out tomorrow
  • Keely came up with the design for the flywheel Henry Ford placed is his first cars. The Keely flywheel had 16 Vee magnets. If you can get your hands on a 1913 ford flywheel, that's the year the Vee magnets were made bigger[they were made bigger so that the head lamps could be ran from them] there are extra holes drilled in the bottom plate, these extra holes are the ones Ed leedskalnin used to make, his modified flywheel. Their are many different sized Vee magnets that were made for the Ford cars. Look up the" Magnetic Modification" the first ford cars were not gas powered. The Rockefeller's empire was nearly destroyed by the electricity market. Rockefeller gave Henry Ford mass production in exchange for Ford to start using gas powered engines in his cars. If you study you find that Henry Ford and believe it or not Hitler were in fact good friends. Keely/Ford/Leedskalnin's magnetic flywheel may have found it's way in to the german wonder weapons.
  • Hi Magnetic Universe, l just cant find your attached zip file. Please re upload the file if you can. Cheers
  • Hi chalk54,
    please try clicking the big paper icon under his post.
    There comes a "Save FIle" popup.
  • I've also added a Download link for you into that post.
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