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ED.L. "AT WORK" "Complete" Photograph

When these photograph/s were taken Ed had stated to the Newspapers proudly that he was finally finished and happy with his project (something along those lines) Why was "At work" etched into the right side of the cropped photo? Assuming Ed's Place was completed entirely as seen in the picture just what is at work? Other observations are once again the Obelisk it still appears to me the hole in the top is aligned North/South rather than facing out to the East... So sitting in the large Crescent what could Ed see through the hole in the star, Also above where Ed is standing the unnamed wall could be layed upon what could Ed see from there? What is at work in the picture and could Ed's tool instead be looked at as a sighting device? Both pictures were taken from the exact same position imho, exact time is unknown... my feeling is they were taken within minutes apart.


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    "What is at work in the picture and could Ed's tool instead be looked at as a sighting device?"

    That is an interesting question. I have a piece of thick walled aluminum pipe about 5' long for making spools. When I look through it, because al is reflective on the inside, it creates a lens effect at the opposite end that appears to have significant magnification. It is a little out of focus, but it seems like it could be easily enhanced with a little polish.

    Great work btw!
  • It appears it could be fine tuned in a way and set, those could be a type of tension rod/s at top adjusted by threads? ...... The bottom where the hole is reinforced would/could be put on a pipe sticking out horizontally out of the wall somewhere, then it could be leaned back and sited in perhaps... If it is not then perhaps it is a type of come along where the tool would be layed down and pegged through the hole ...that seems to make much less sense though, why would Ed lean it up like that then? display purposes I suppose, .... I feel it is used ...for a number of purposes
  • Hi ones65118
    The photo of coral castle is the original location at Florida City, I'm not sure if that changes your theory but the obelisk now faces east. Can you tell me where you learned that Ed said he was finished? I know that late in his life he had said he planned to wall the current site completely in and never did.

    Great eye on spotted where that pic was taken!
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    Hi Flem :) At Eds place the hole in the Obelisk was aligned North/South, he could have sat comfortably in the large Crescent and gazed through it... Ed said he was finished to all the reporters in an article that is found in the Miami herald I believe, I would have to search for it to be specific but Ed stated to them that he was finished. Interestingly the foundation for the structure he was building for Sweet Sixteen was left unfinished..... He already had his eye on the new property in Homestead, it seems the push to move was related directly to the robbery that occurred there.... At Rock gate Ed had thoughts on walling off the entire acres yes... just like in ABIEH it is like the property left is a blank page... I will find that article for you soon where he stated he was finished :)
  • Lately it seems more and more to me that the tool Ed is displaying is more of a come along or perhaps even his wire cutting tool...
  • A few years back I read a piece where the author called it "ed's main tool" and proclaimed quite a lot. Naturally, I have no idea how/where to find that info.!
    It seems pretty obvious to me that it was used as a pry tool to pop the blocks out of the ground, particularly since many of the wall blocks have pry marks that appear to match the top of the unit.
    I've spent much time contemplating the function of the hole in it and have never come up with anything satisfactory. It seems reasonable that it could have merely been an attachment point to get the unit free when it's under the block but who knows!
    I would like to know what happened to this tool since it's not in his tool room or on the grounds at CC.
  • Ed's Universal Mystical Tool ^Improved
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