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Finding Hidden Messages in Songs and Music



  • Don't trust anyone doesn't necessary mean to be paranoid. I see it more as "do your own reaserch, test, think about it for yourself, and don't blindly believe what others are saying".
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    like the "darkside of the moon" that faces earth.....on its (16th) cycle
  • This ain't Black Sabbath, but it's a classic:

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    moon shadow and ring my bell and holy night
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    Iron knickle cobalt and sea water (the x men apocalypse) sign Playing in the back ground
    also zinc and led
  • Iron maiden-powerslave album. First song aces high 1,1 next is two minutes till midnight 23:58. Then the album cover has embedded information as well.

    Piece of mind.
    Sun and steel. Life is like a wheel,the sunlight falling on your steel.
    Number of the B EAST. The 666 is in three places in a bible. The number 666 is Solomon. The number of beasts is 12/24. 12 on this side, 12 on that side....

    ^^^^ I wonder how long ago I wrote that and never posted. Now today it was still in memory. Interesting.
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    For anyone that might have been or still is interested in the now found Forrest Fenn treasure I made this video.

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