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Dr. Vladimir Netchitailo's 5D Cosmology

Dr. Netchitailo reached out to me today seeking feedback for his 5D World-Universe Model. He mentioned that the essence of his proposal is an inter-connectivity of all cosmological parameters while providing the mathematical framework to crunch the numbers. The three abstracts listed below are linked to the associated articles within the Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology. These articles hold the core ideas of the Model and are described in detail.

5D World-Universe Model. Neutrinos. The World
In this manuscript we discuss mass-varying neutrinos and propose their energy density to exceed that of baryonic and dark matter. We introduce cosmic Large Grains whose mass is about Planck mass, and their temperature is around 29 K. Large Grains are in fact Bose-Einstein condensates of proposed dineutrinos, and are responsible for the cosmic Far-Infrared Background (FIRB) radiation. The distribution of the energy density of all components of the World (protons, electrons, photons, neutrinos, and dark matter particles) is considered. We present an overview of the World- Universe Model (WUM) and pay particular attention to the self-consistent set of time-varying values of basic parameters of the World: the age and critical energy density; Newtonian parameter of gravitation and Hubble’s parameter; temperatures of the cosmic Microwave Background radiation and the peak of the cosmic FIRB radiation; Fermi coupling parameter and coupling parameters of the proposed Super-Weak and Extremely-Weak interactions. Additionally, WUM forecasts the masses of dark matter particles, axions, and neutrinos; proposes two fundamental parameters of the World: fine-structure constant α and the quantity Q which is the dimensionless value of the fifth coordinate, and three fundamental physical units: basic unit of momentum, energy density, and energy flux density. WUM suggests that all time-dependent parameters of the World are inter- connected and in fact dependent on Q. We recommend adding the quantity Q to the list of the CODATA-recommended values.

Click here to read the full article.

5D World-Universe Model. Multicomponent Dark Matter
5D World-Universe Model (WUM) is based on the decisive role of the Medium of the World com-posed of massive particles: protons, electrons, photons, neutrinos, and Dark Matter Particles (DMP). The model forecasts the masses of DMP, discusses the possibility of all macroobject cores consisting of DMP (galaxy clusters, galaxies, star clusters, extrasolar systems, and planets), and explains the diffuse cosmic gamma-ray background radiation as the sum of contributions of multicomponent dark matter annihilation. The signatures of DMP annihilation with expected masses of 1.3 TeV, 9.6 GeV, 70 MeV, 340 keV, and 3.7 keV, are found in spectra of the diffuse gamma-ray background and the emission of various macroobjects in the World. The correlation between different emission lines in spectra of macroobjects is connected to their structure, which depends on the composition of the cores and surrounding shells made up of DMP. Consequently, the diversity of Very High Energy (VHE) gamma-ray sources in the World has a clear explanation.

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5D World-Universe Model Space-Time-Energy
5D Space-Time-Energy World-Universe Model is a unified model of the World built around the concept of Medium, composed of massive particles (protons, electrons, photons, neutrinos, and dark matter particles). The Model provides a mathematical framework that enables precise calculation of medium-bound physical parameters: Hubble’s parameter, intergalactic plasma parameters, temperature of microwave background radiation and the rest mass of photons. This paper aligns the World-Universe Model (WUM) with the theoretical framework developed by Prof. P. S. Wesson, albeit assigning a new physical meaning to the fifth coordinate. In the World-Universe Model, the fifth dimension is associated with the total energy of the Medium of the World, and the gravitomagnetic parameter of the Medium serves as the dimension-transposing parameter.

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If you have any comments, feedback or questions please present them here.


  • edited July 2016
    Published 7/3/16, Dr. Vladimir Netchitailo has updated his 5D World-Universe Model to include Gravitation.

    5D World-Universe Model. Gravitation
    5D World-Universe Model is based on the decisive role of the Medium of the World composed of massive particles: protons, electrons, photons, neutrinos, and dark matter particles. In this manuscript we discuss different aspects of the gravitation: measured values of the Newtonian parameter of Gravitation and different Gravitational effects (gravitational lensing, cosmological redshift, gravitational deflection of light and gravitational refraction, proposed in the present paper). We show inter-connectivity of all cosmological parameters and provide a mathematical framework that allows direct calculation of them based on the value of the gravitational parameter. We analyze the difference between Electromagnetism and Gravitoelectromagnetism and make a conclusion about the mandatory existence of the Medium of the World. This paper aligns the World-Universe Model with the Le Sage’s theory of gravitation and makes a deduction on Gravity, Space and Time be emergent phenomena.

    Click here to read the full article
    Click here to download the full paper in pdf.
  • My feedback, without reading much is that extra dimensions solve most problems with models! Quantum models based on String theory currently exposit 10 or 11 .
    However, the usefulness of a model is the real test . So it is likely able to directly calculate results in a more methodical manner , which is useful, but without any real claim to describing reality.
    The philosophical question of our perceptible signal collection we call reality( assuming we all accept signal as a axiomatic idea, which is open for debate) is still open for further innovation and discussion .
    However, my personal taste is to not align with the Standard model, because it is restrictive in practice, and it's practitioners tend to be bullies, as the Good Dr knows. He unfortunately if he seeks scientific credibility has to adopt these labels, and give them new interpretations.
    Whether his peers and colleagues will find his model one to rule them all is a decision of the fads of the crowd over time! Einstein is barely 100 years old and already being challenged incessantly.
    This is not science, per se but a popularity and utility competition!
  • Of course my main comment after reading the extracts is there is no obvious or simple exposition of magnetic behaviour or current.
    It is currently popular to state that electromagnetism covers the whole field( subject) but I do not accept that premise, nor do I trust it's soundness! I see it's utility however, but point to the Drs new model and String theory as examples of a deep dissatisfaction with the utilitarian standard model.
    Pierre Marie Robataille has detailed criticism of the microwave background Data and indeed Kirchoffs laws of black body radiation.

    While these are technical issues in model building, they nevertheless highlight the onerous task of reviewing Everything! Something Career scientists are loath to do, for reasons of financial security!
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