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Magnetic Portals Connect Sun And Earth

"During the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn't believe in. A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away."

Read the 2008 Science Daily article here.


These Flux Energy Transfers (FETs) create portals where particles can flow through. This sounds a lot like an umbilical cord. We know from Leedskalnin that these particles and the North and South pole individual magnets are the building blocks for all matter on earth.

We then are truly children of the sun. The plants capture or eat sunlight and we in turn eat the plants to build up our bodies. If we don't eat the plants we eat the animals that ate plants that ate the sun. One way or another we eat the sun.


  • The sun is not far away at all, it is high up above as the moon. Eds wheel is built to replicate earth, which his secret was the earth is flat! It does not move or rotate. The sun spirals around earth following four rings which is why we have seasons. Look at the UN flag and it shows the true map of earth. The sun and moon never colide because the spiral around each other just like a magnet. Watch a time lapse of the stars at night and you will see the rotate in a perfect circle. If earth rotated around the sun the stars wouldn't line back up in same spot in a 24 hour period
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    This is an interesting theory and might make for a compelling short story, however, not too much of it jives with Ed's theories and he worked hard to back them up with experimentation. He said his sundial and telescope de-fooled him - that he was now able to tell the earth's true path around the sun. He demonstrates this path on a compass rose and on the back of the door to the main entrance to Rock Gate.



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    This seems more in line with Dr. Baht's non-orbital solar system model:

    Here's a thread that discusses the idea:

    It's polarization that gives planetary bodies their spherical shape. Polarization also gives the atom it's spherical shape. The Flat Atom Society does have a nice ring to it...
  • @Magnetic_Universe Matt, i'm wondering, why Ed wrote 5un instead of Sun? Ed's other typography is perfect, so it must be his intent to write it that way. Does this have some special meaning?
    Also, what means the 21 (or 2I) by the Earth?
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    It's hard to know anything definitively about this guy that he doesn't make you prove to yourself and this is one of those things, but if I had to guess about 21 I would say it most likely depicts the solstice... The summer solstice that is. @poughkeepsieblue PKB might have an insight into 5UN.
  • Sorry this fits here, and how current flows on a wire. Current if balanced is a model of how the bodies in space move. The PMH is a model, of the universe that is within the multiverse. When balance is present, as far as current is concerned, all moves in this way. The way the poles of the sun are explained to flip every 11 years covers the truth of it's motion. [certainly it goes through cycles, it passes by a unknown object once every 11 years] The has sun 2 poles one inside the other, push on the outside all ways.
  • Matt, I honestly never caught the 5UN before, chalk it up to bad photos, and never being there in person... yet...
    It's on my mind now... and what I see is the U in sun as a U shaped magnet, and of course N is 14, which adds up to 5, and with U as 21, which is also earth,and also 3, I wonder what ed means, because 535 seems like an arbitrary number... but 5 U 5 is significant of ed's flywheel, which is stacked 5 V mags deep, and of course in latin and the KJV U and V are 1 and the same... perhaps ed is equating his flywheel to the force of the sun... or in the case that ironshades has been making lately, using the flywheel as a 'second sun' so he need not rely on the sun for all his power... in fact, second sun just made me think of another friend and his theory on 2 suns... that just made more sense now... hmmm
    Another interesting thing is O21 earth... the 2 looks like half of an omega... or even ed's valentine table
    If I come up with anything else, I'll pass it along
  • Thanx for your explanation!

    Could it be that U means a PMH? (Shape looks similar)
    Could it be that N means North or 360?
  • I dont know... in what I work with, ed is very creative, and as I am sure his pmh is very important, I dont encounter it much in decoding, ed keeps his electricity references and magnet references prety simple...
    I do know everything is double meaning, triple meaning. For instance, north is south, in what I do with ed, he mirrors everything, so 5UN could be 5US, letters and numbers swap respectively... EUN... 19UN... and also visually u and n are mirrors of each other, and can be ridges and valleys in a wave form... U is C... and M E W or 3 could be any of each other... all pretty obvious really, simple, but lots of various combinations... when ed says left, he probably means right and check over your shoulder as well, and dont forget the obvious over your head we usually dont look up at because we think the sky is infinite...
    So I have lots of theories... I usually dont say anything is 'right', its all pieces to the puzzle...
    Yes, could be the pmh, maybe he flywheel, maybe the sun itself and its light waves... ed wants you to explore everything, and find what makes you learn and grow from it...
  • The Earth is on it's side one pole facing the Moon the other pointing out to space. West is up and east is down
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