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We dig to deep in Ed's writing and physics and the answer is in front of us.

Hallo, i read yesterday the writing of Ed one more time and the articles. What he every time say is, that people, that do not want to experiment should not buy his writing. I think there is enough wisdom in them for a beginner. The point is to begin with experiments and then probably the rest comes automaticly. He writes how magnets flow in the wire, he writes how gravity is coused by magnets, he writes everything. The only thing he not explains is his generator, but i think if we begin to experiment it will come automaticly. We must also think, that our instruments are all the time one sided and that the results of our experiments can be falsed because of that.
If you look in Internet, there are more patents for the magnetic motors, for example: Penderev motor, or the newest from Pakistan Wasif Kahloon. The question is how it works and if it really a free energy motor is, than the plans should be free to ;)
There is a man on Youtube (Roy -Vinnystfincent), that has Eds Flywheel he is ready to experiment with the wheel and diffrent configurations. Maybe you had an idea how he should configure it to make it works.


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    Not trying to be a wise guy , but a spinning magnetic wheel can be many things , depending on how you use it ,
  • the guy, that knows how electricity runs and is produced. He writes,that the north an south pole magnets build all the matter, but in iron there is a free portion of magnets, that are not in interaction with matter particles. I think that iron works as giant antenna or reservoir of the free magnets. Ed knew how to take themout this iron and how to use them.... How to make them flow in his direction....

    When look at that photo what would you say is strange? Have you seen the chains? There must be magnetic field going through these chains. They are pressed together.... As every piece of chain would be a magnet....
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    "the guy, that knows how electricity runs and is produced"

    just ask him --" what is electricity ? " --- we'll see

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    When it would be so easy i would ask him just now....

    The electron was just discovered and Thomsom pronounce that to the world, but he didn't believe what he said! Ed wrote in the article, that there is no electron and no proton. It would make sense. Heisenberg prinzip, why?

    I feel we should experiment! The location on the earth is very important (lay lines) and the water in earth. I think the pipe in Eds workroom is grounded in water beneath the earth surface. Tesla made his tower on the ground where was very much water under, the piramids were built on such place anc Rock Gate too...

    And i think we should use V-shaped magnets. Why here is no! V-shaped magnets on the market?
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    Yes , water was/is very important in any research.

  • @charlie you are right. I wanted to produce v-shaped mahnets, but the cost are very high.... Only when many people would buy a large amount we could sink the price.

    I think the v-shaped magnets are essential to the free-energy or antigtavity. In Grebennikovs book there is a picture of a U-shaped magnet too. Only with V-shaped magnets you can build a model of a generator, that is like the earth or the atom itself. The magnets orbit perpetual on the earth surface or atom surface. Ed built the generator as the atom or the earth are built.

    Why the circle in the midle of the generator is waterproof?
  • @Kubeq_sq

    "Why the circle in the midle of the generator is waterproof?"

    He may used it as a wash machine too ;-]
  • Yeah! right! ;)

    I observed a strange effect on the iron pipes, that are placed in the earth (roadsigns, fences etc...) in my town every pipe is magnetised. What is very interesting in the town 20km soth-west there was no magnetisation to observe. On the hill (north-east from my town) where very old chapel was built not only the pipes in the earth are magnetised but also the doors etc....
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