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UFO 'Secrets' To Be Revealed In September, Says National Atomic Testing Museum

"In just a few weeks, some kind of UFO-related secrets will be revealed at a Smithsonian Institution affiliated museum.

That's the implied promise in the title of a special lecture coming up at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas on Sept. 22.

The secrets haven't yet been revealed, but the players involved certainly present the potential for something intriguing to emerge from this one-night event that's part of the museum's ongoing Area 51 lecture series..."

UFO 'Secrets' To Be Revealed In September, Says National Atomic Testing Museum


  • Interesting! Will that be available online as well?
    Las Vegas is little bit too far away from my place :(
  • This is not a government organization and I'm still on the fence about the legitimacy. Their motto is that they are an associate of the Smithsonian. The 5 speakers showcasing the conference are the same talking heads that are already known and prominent in the disclosure movement and most likely dangling the same carrots. I'm certain all of these guys are cohorts of Steven Greer and his Disclosure Project, whose credibility has significantly diminished in the last few years. These conferences are huge money making machines, and I have a strong notion that some of the military folks are actors. I think the same could be said about the Thrive movement and the free energy group as well. It doesn't look like they will be streaming the event, but I sure it will be available soon after.
  • any updates on this?
  • Just curious; What happened or why has Steven Greer's credibility significantly diminished in the last few years ?
  • I am curious as well... you know the Thrive documentary is very good but what are the real motives behind it, what is the overriding psychology...
  • Concerning Thrive, some of the people interviewed stated after it came out, that they did not agree with or know ahead of time about the conclusions/premise of Government Conspiracy/Depopulation, etc. but stood behind their statements of the 'subjects' they were discussing in the movie. .. and there was confusion about one of the free energy devices shown, that it was not accurate and the person given credit should have been someone else - there is a blog post about the involvement of the two inventors - even to the point that daughter of one of the inventors jumps in to defend her Dad - turned in to a he said she said - was a bit boring, in my opinion, it did not downplay any of the information contained in Thrive. Thrive just put the info. all in one place, information which can be found out and about on the net with diligent search and attention. Can dig up the blog post for anyone interested. .. motives or overriding psychology ? .. yes, a lot going on.
  • Yes dig up the blog, why not. I liked Thrive because for those not in the "know" this was a nice introduction but I certainly hope they look Deeper...
  • Thanks, I will check it out
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