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Are we all just being misled?

edited March 2016 in Edward Leedskalnin

...or it's just me getting pessimistic?


  • @Gardener
    Can you post the link to the video? I'm mobile and can't view the video
  • @dante the link to the video is
  • Seen this a while ago, entertaining, and creative
    This guy tried to write books and sell them $$$$
    His method works with the pieces provided, however there are unanswered questions...
    Good for him for making an effort, most people wouldn't
    There are always two sides to a coin

  • Yeah, well there are too many coincidencies at Ed's place.. All the numbers etc.
  • Definitely, if anything the video hurts newcomers
    People google/youtube everything

    Imo, misleading
  • There's some funny statements, like "the iron door was used to saw the stones.. Ehm.. I don't see any scratches on it or something..
  • No we are not being mislead. We all are just trying to figure out what is right and what that has been taught to us is wrong. Scott has some very good ideas on Ed's building methods but some thing Im just not convinced that is how Ed would handle it.
  • Thanks for the video link.
    Many of us at the forum are sceptical of the claims of esoteric secret knowledge preferring more plausible explanations . So no, I do not think we are being misled. However in a free forum all kinds of hypotheses and ideas are freely expressible . That is a good thing! Bigotry, sarcasm and coercion have no right place in this forum. After all who knows everything? I certainly do not!

    Before the scientific method was formulated all manner of speculation was tolerated by Natural Philosophers. However the Church, and certain high minded individuals were watchful that " truth" whatever that might be believed to be was not obscured in a mire of impractical, or heretical opinion. Thus internal tensions shape the communities of interested observers . In this forum, for the most part such tensions do not shape the community, because free speech or freedom to start a new thread gives everyone a chance to make their pitch!

    This freedom is lacking in many nations and states and many Internet forums.

    Long may it continue here .
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