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Stone of " unknown origin "



  • Aww, we all know these snippits of crap are feed for the general public. They eat up words like 'free energy' and 'perpetual motion' but shun words like 'work' and 'deductive reasoning'. Instant gratification, placebo effect.
    Guys like Christopher Dunn, as mentioned in that section of video, are Snake Oil Peddlers, simply put. They know what ails ya, and are fast to sell a quick cure, but when it doesnt work, theyre already gone with the cash, err... notoriety, err... publishing rights....
    We on the other hand, would be 'doctors' of ed, so to say. Can't pull a fast one on us.

    And I seriously hope this post makes it to the eyes of these 'charlatans'. They disgust me, and rightly so, any friend of ed should be pissed when they see these morons talking about ed on absurd programs like 'ancient aliens'. Thats entertainment, and nothing more.
    I'm also sick of seeing ed's grail curves arranged in pretty spirograph patterns too and then being passed around the net like a hot potato, like thats what theyre for. Ed drew those curves based on the dots they start and end on, because they are the size of a dime, and they make a perfect vesica pisces when done rightly with 10 cents. If someone gets curious, they'll figure that out too, otherwise, I'll explain it soon enough, and how it relates to edm and ABIEH too, he uses the same marker in ABIEH to get the same vesica with a dime, just gotta know where to look. 9mm, get a ruler and you'll find it everywhere, it's half a dime with a penciled circle around it.

    Charlatans and snake oil peddlers, and I challenge ANY one of those fools to make an effort to prove themselves right or prove me wrong. Ed was a scientist, and they are fiction writers.
    If I dont stop writing now I will continue to get angry hoping they see this and understand how REAL experts on CC feel about them.
    I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  • Damn, charlie beat me to the answer by 30 seconds...
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    @poughkeepsieblue --- But I agree with most that you've posted.
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    he uses the same marker in ABIEH to
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    But I agree with most that you've posted
  • I figured you guys knew Benny Hill. So that gate didn't have a shaft that ran it's full length, but rather sat on the race? Perhaps no shaft at all with just an adjustable swivet of sorts at the top...? I had grown fond of the notion that he fashioned a center mass for the gate by lathing it out horizontally after inserting a shaft.
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    @Magnetic_Universe ----not sure but not a very good lathing job,
  • @charlie
    a bunch of helpless engineers? :)
  • @Gardener --- yeah , they're always "baffled" just like scientist --- when they're find something ---don't know what to do with it ;)
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