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Ed's PMH /// Long & Lat magnetic northpole

edited November 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
Hi Guys,
I have some questions about Ed's PMH
When i see on the internet a pmh made by someone, it is always a squared bar bent in a U-shape.
but when i read his "manual" i think it should be a round bar.
I put a red circle where i believe he said so.
Also i dont get the numbers from the spools. he said each should be 5 inch. But when calculating. they are overlapping in the middle. I dont get that. I cant imagine Ed's wrong with numbers.
I dont have his books, i read pdf online. So can anyone confirm the next page is in his book? The page does not have a page number..

Also i have a question about earth's magnetic northpole. I want to know what location it was in Ed's time. Long & Lat. Does someone knows that?

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