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The Last Page in ABIEH

edited October 2015 in Decoding Ed's Writings
There is a lot of emphasis with the last page of A Book in Every Home
The current book being circulated by Coral Castle has a picture at the end of the book of Eds building and a few tripods.. I have an older version of the same book, where the pages are falling out due to its age

First photo is the page itself
Second photo is the same image, mirrored and reflected
Third is the man with his triangular hat
Fourth, to the far right you can see a mini separate castle or home
Fifth is a closeup of that castle or home
Sixth is the photo mirrored in the darker part showing a bug or a crab(cancer) I believe it is the crab, there is another symbol for the cancer crab which is in another version of abieh.


  • Omega

    First picture is mirrored
    Second picture is just flipped upside down, the poles from the tripod form a " w " , omega
    Third picture the arrow points to the Omega symbol, above the gateway
  • It should also be mentioned the picture of the crab in the first post is the constellation of cancer
    Ironically the constellation visually represents an upside down " Y " with the " b's " beehive cluster next to it
  • It won't take much imagination to see what is happening in this photo.
    The red arrow points to one of Eds stones, any guesses?
    Can anyone see what symbol is on the face of it??
    The blue arrow points to a very special spot... it's Ed!!!! from this image there are two Eds on either side of this central energy console. One appears to be looking into this light or energy, they both have tools in their hands....If you are unable to see it, look towards the centre and then on either side.

    The green arrow points to a dark little being?
    does anyone recognize his head or helmet?

    Any feedback is welcomed and if you happen to notice something else in that photo, post it

    If the image is too fuzzy.. zoom out
    Picture is a partial overlay

  • Can you see 23?
    Or perhaps Einstein's face? It's near the blue arrow
  • The stone is on top of Ed's castle, directly above the door to his bedroom. There is a small symbol on the hatband of the stone, possibly a small 69. But directly below, I see a big black Pi. It took a few minutes, but I do see the two figures on either side of the energy ball. Both seem to be vaporous or illuminated from within. The one on the right looks like she may be sporting a Princess Leia Bun. Ed is standing directly behind her. He's wearing black pants with his arms up behind his head. I hope he's not planning to hurt Leia.

    As for the little creepy critter below, the first thing that came to mind was Baphomet. If it is Baphomet, he's having a bad horn day. Maybe it's because there's a stealth bomber (cheveron) on his head? Regardless, The little guy is either in trouble with his hands up, or he's supporting everything above. Is the big black V the tip of an inverted pentagram? Maybe not, the angle isn't right. It looks like it's penetrating the center of a rock, touching light below.

    The top of the photo looks like it could be a side view or cross section of the top of Moon Pond. The center block is the hexagram and the sides are the lip around the edge.

    I don't see 23, but the angle of the V is 32.
  • Great observation, I did not even see the angel.. I mean angle 32 degrees
    Underneath the black little critter is a white version of it possibly
    I think it is similar to what da Vinci has in one of his paintings.. the hairy thing with a kabuto
    helmet. :)
    I took a wider angle of the photo
    Its hands are up, and I think there is a gun pointing to it. ( blue circle ) A mysterious hand holding something.
    A set of numbers appear to the side ( red circle ) 8.13A? I could be wrong
  • edited August 2016
    I took a few more photos to show additional images from overlays
    What's important is that these photos weren't modified to change color or hue
    Aside from the images that appear enlarged, nothing else has been done to them

    The above image isn't cropped

    Below focus and try to see the three images

    Below I zoomed into what appears to be a rocket taking off. You be the judge..

    Below is the second object magnified

    Last one below... it appears to be looking up

    What are the odds that these three images are produced all in the same frame

  • Try to find the eyes in order to bring about its head, teeth

    Let's zoom in closer................

    The different faces or "beings" are in other photos also. Bits and pieces tell a story, a little disturbing
  • @dante
    Nice work. Can you tell how the story goes so far? I'm having trouble making any sense of it.
  • edited August 2016

    It's lineage, history, knowledge of what's out there.
    Keep in mind most of these images weren't mainstream at that time, I find it remarkable Ed shows these faces or beings back in 1936
    The images correlate with numbers nearby them( was hoping someone would point them out) once a book in every home is broken into ;) it will correspond with a sentence or phrase.

    The numbers will add up ED.L ( edition Lexicon) or ( addition. El).

    I can't put names to the faces, a long time ago the knowledge was passed down from someone of light, then olmecs, vikings? - these faces represent I believe those cultures
    the lizard like entity took off in a ship(possibly from here) while the grey entities were already up established in space
    I'm already going off on the deep end, I do not wish to discourage anyone. In fact this is truly a book meant to be in every home
    Keep an open mind

    I have another photo of what looks like a pharaoh, and another with the top of St Peters basilica or a similar styled building and of course there is always more . . .

  • When you look closer in the overlays you will at times see another set of images appear and disappear. They resemble parts or diagram. I have not be able to take a clear shot of it, since it only appears in grayscale
    I tried to outline in red, this is from a few posts ago

  • I thought I posted this one before...

    These are the faces that I mentioned in an earlier post
  • The object being held high in the above image is seen on the dollar bill also.

    Anyone who plays Zelda will recognize the symbol = Triforce

    More importantly it will be recognized as a "net"
    The tetrahedron net

  • dante said:

    The object being held high in the above image is seen on the dollar bill also.

    Anyone who plays Zelda will recognize the symbol = Triforce

    More importantly it will be recognized as a "net"
    The tetrahedron net

    In every since of the word or something more specific?

  • In every since of the word or something more specific?

    I constructed a "net" to use as an overlay on Eds photos in the hopes to reproduce the Moire effect. I scanned Eds photos and used closest to his original booklets

    These results below are similar with Eds photos. Except we aren't dealing with strictly shapes

    More work needs to be done

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