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The Perpetual Motion Holder



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    Thank you for your chart, you were still explained very well. Perhaps I have not explained well because of the language. I just wanted to say that my PMH powered by direct current (grant the term) operates only in the first quadrant of the hysteresis loop and according to my calculations, the induction value is very close to that of saturation.

    Carry down again on my spreadsheet.

    The PMH to Leedskalnin is the line in yellow. Values to watch are H, about 8000 A/m and B, about 1.75 T. The operating point you can see it in the second graph... As you see it is very close to saturation (2,5 T) (The curve in blue is dashed curve in the your graph of hysteresis in the first quadrant.)

    You're absolutely right when you say that the PMH off and "armed" has a greater magnetic force of PMH off and "disarmed." This is the mystery to be solved. The residual magnetization is because it is used mild steel. If you were using iron "pure" does not have any residual magnetization due to hysteresis. The pure iron does not remain magnetized. That's why Leedskalnin advised to use laminated iron preferable mild steel... In order to avoid that there were misunderstandings with the magnetization "permanent" due to hysteresis. That has nothing to do... An iron PMH work anyway, and even better, because it has better magnetic permeability...

    These days I did further experiments about it ... I found an interesting anomaly that does at least understand what happens to the armed and off PMH. I made several pictures ... Now I would like to develop together with you a theory about why this happens. To try to better understand the phenomenon ... I hope tomorrow to have the time to add details to my photos and post everything, if there is obviously pleased.

    Greetings to all and welcome back @Barau_R_Tour
  • Xxx my thanks to you @Il_Pianista80 .
    I will do my very best to work on this raw data to come up with a theory together with both you guys and any gals that want to contribute.
    I have no monetary imperative or patent intentions , but I hope if you guys do that you will consider the impact of that on the dynamic of the group! I recently posted some history about the magnetic behaviour of the transmetallic substance used to wave guide a magnetic current by means of a thin film reflector, that can alter its reflectivity in the presence of a smaller wave guided magnetic current . This MASING device was called a transmitting resistor or a transitional metal resistor . We call it the transistor. The guys there worked together until patent pressures split them up!
    If you want to patent a device fine, but the theory must remain pristine and accessible to all.

    If it becomes clear that the theoretical model we come up with is being used without our say so or acknowledgement I want to be able to point to this forum for primacy as much as that is worth.
    In the case of use to make weapons of destruction I declare that as reprehensible and misguided now, but I would still work out the theoretical model publicly .
    In the spirit of Jagadesh Chandra Bose .
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    Hello to all
    I fully agree with your thought... And that's the point, if we can find something of this phenomenon, the technology will be available to all.

    Now, my pictures annotated with the glitch I encountered... Let's do together reflections.

    1) PMH on and "disarmed" (Compasses correctly oriented with the direction of currents supply)

    2) PMH on and "armed" (Compasses correctly oriented with the direction of currents supply)

    3) PMH off and "armed" (note the polarity of the two compasses that has changed!!!)

    4) PMH off and "disarmed" (compasses are back in the correct polarity with the direction of the current supply, this residual magnetism is due to hysteresis)

    Do not you also notice how the thing is rather strange? I have taken an idea about it, but I do not want to influence you... I found that the abnormality occurs in the immediate vicinity of the junctions between the U shaped core and keeper... To you other observations... See you soon.
  • Starting at top left of PMH on, and on and armed
    Red quarter, white quarter, red quarter, white quarter.
    Thus the compasses indicate four polarities. The ends of the U are distinct poles

    When off and armed starting in top left
    White quarter, red quarter white quarter red quarter .
    Again four polarities but shifted around in a counter clock wise or clock wise fashion . The End of the U are distinct poles but now switched.
    When off and disarmed
    White quarter, red quarter, red quarter , white quarter.

    The U ends are distinct poles but now reverted to the same status when PMH was on and armed or just on.
    The U bend however has switched to status when off and armed.

    The two arms of the U are now distinct poles.

    As Ed said carefully align the PMH with the earths magnetic field so you can analyse its effect on the out come .
  • I must add that the striking feature of Eds experiment is that the PMH is not on, but switched on by a sparse contact , or flick switch, so please try the demonstration with that condition
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    Hello to all.
    As you well you see that there are anomalies. However, in order to avoid misunderstandings, assure that the pictures 1, 2 and 4 show a mangete with only 2 poles. Compasses at the center should not be confused: when the PMH is on the compasses have a different orientation since the flux lines coming out from the coil and do not enter the iron, tend outwards from closing on the coil itself... I do not know if It was clear...

    Carry a lower graph

    The point P1 indicates the direction of flow in the iron, the point P2 in the air out of iron.

    The graph indicates the direction of the NORTH if applied to the coil than in the picture is above, and indicates the direction of the SOUTH if applied to the coil at the bottom.

    Compasses when The PMH is switched on (with or without keeper) indicate this verse. When the PMH is off without keeper are all oriented the same way, since it is only in the residual flux in the iron due to hysteresis ...

    @Jehovajah , would you better tell me how to do the experiment or direct me up in Magnetic Current where Ed would explain how to do it? Thanks again...
  • @Il_Pianista80
    I u dear stand your clarification .
    As a procedural standard please confirm the U as showing no detectable magnetism at start away from coils, and then with coils correctly positioned on it. But not on.

    Secondly confirm that your coils indeed match or are analogous to the pattern you wish to set as a standard reference for our discussions. The interior lines for the coils may be difficult to establish without a Gauss probe.

    Now the lines themselves traditionally called flux lines I prefer to call orientation lines or paramagnetic induction orientation lines.

    The internal induction orientation is the external "field" that permeates the iron core and the permeability ( ignore the susceptibility) characterises the intensity in the iron core.
    Is this a flux, that is a flow ?
    My position is that it is a MASING phenomenon .

    The four polarities when PMH is on can then be distinguished by core and coil polarity orientation interactions.

    Arming does not noticeably change this when PMH is on, but when off a change is noticeable .

    Is this due to an interaction between what is happening in the iron core and the remaining coils?
    If the coils are removed from the armed PMH as in the case of an armed horseshoe magnet ( without disturbing the armour) is it the same or similar?

    The switched off PMH without armour should again be checked when the core and coils are separated. Residual magnetic behaviour pertinent to the core, the armour and the coils can then be checked.

    The use of the compass as a versorium is only one detection and measuring method.
    Ed specifies hanging versoriums and in fact the link between these and old fashioned galvanometers is very strong. Thus they provide a visual check of how strong the presumed magnetic current in the PMH may be.

    Perhaps @Gardener or @boxerlego can give you chapter and verse on the experimental details in Magnetic Current . I would refer you to Imhotep video series on Magnetic current for general guidance.
    This series was never completed but was a good attempt to video the experimental ideas. Unfortunately not too faithful .
  • One thought occurs re the standard polarity orientation map of a solenoid , Ken wheeler remarks regarding the Bloch wall that it is a dielectric plane. Has anyone placed a pancake coil at the centre of an iron core and mapped the polarity orientation lines?
  • @Jehovajah I try to answer your questions.

    1) The core u-shaped and the coils initially do not have any residual magnetism. After first use of iron is slightly magnetized due to hysteresis. I tried to change the polarity to try to un-magnetize, but it is impossible to do so completely. However the very first use assure you it was not magnetized. The coils on the other hand do not have any polarization,not even after several uses. The spools are made of aluminum and the cable is obviously in enamelled copper.

    2) The coils are wound in such a way that in the prongs there are different polarities: the top one in the picture is wrapped seeing it from left to right in a clockwise direction. That below it is wrapped in a counterclockwise direction. The coils are connected in parallel, a solution which allows a passage of higher current. The positive is left, negative right. The top prong is therefore north, prong down south. The coils also are perfectly coupled with the core and there is practically no air between them. This seemed to me the solution most similar to the cover of "Mineral, vegetables and animal life". Connecting them in series, however, the PMH works anyway.

    About magnetism is a phenomenon that is still not perfectly clear to science, as well as the gravity. Neither do I think it is a current of something... In fact magnetism spreads even in absolute vacuum. However, science is not completely wrong. In all the books I've read the north-south direction, that is considered positive, is ONLY a convention. One way to define as many a verse, but it is evident that the currents are two, as sensed by Leedskalnin.

    Succeeding then to separate the coils from the closed path U-core and armor, as it is realized my PMH is impossible. But once off the coils, detecting no current flow. Not even a minimum. So I think the phenomenon of the same functions. As in movies in Youtube with the nuts and with the two plates where it is allowed to pass a wire in the middle and then is removed. I think the same thing happens.

    I also read again the section of Magnetic Current concerning the PMH and I seem to have followed all the evidence I made following the rules Leedskalnin. If I'm wrong tell me something as well. In the coming days will make new movies on the variation of the voltage across the PMH at startup and shutdown... After that I will prepare some drawings to explain my theory on the operation of the PMH during "attacked armor."

    Greetings to you soon and thanks for the information. When I read the other thread so that is very interesting.
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    One thing Everyone needs to understand is that the PMH Holds Infinite Energy hence the name Perpetual Motion Holder. Physicist do not like this Fact. Imagine a Engine that runs On fuel that never needs refueling and is always running on full. Now this might sounds like impossible stuff to the average person but yet there it is. We are Working outside the Conventional Realm of thinking when Working with the PMH. Understanding how the PMH is a Magnetic Circuit that works indefinitely is just one of the many curiosities that most will just pass off as a one trick pony. Eds was Very Vocal about the Fact that its was abbe to perform many task When he said on page 10 "This time you will make equipment that can be used for four purposes."

    Watch this Video here Below, When you Watch The Physicist in the Video you will see that when he hits The Bar that is align with the Earth's Magnetic Field with a Hammer It will align itself with Earth's Magnetic Field.

    Now Watch the Video I created and You can See toward the End of the Video that When I Hit the Bar with the Keeper Its produces An Electrical Current in both the Coil and is able to turn the LEDs whether I Hit one side or the other Or both at the same time. Now what is Interesting about generating Electricity like this is that Bloch Wall was no where around.

    What your Observing with your PMH is in Eds Book on Page 13
    When Current Reverse they revers the magnet poles in the coil.
    So when you disconnect the Battery from the PMH the Currents are now Reverse and The poles on the PMH become the Opposite Polarity.
  • @Il_Pianista80 and @boxerlego
    Thank you for the details .
    The magnetic behaviour around the earth must be included in any assessment of the outcomes, and if it is excluded, experimental set up must enable that exclusion to be valid. .

    This background magnetic field induces magnetic states in materiality, the question is how?
    The model for a non polarised iron bar is usually the domain model. These domains fom an incoherent multipolarity that has little or no net resultant polarity.

    Thus polarity is what most workers in the field use to depict magnetic power and development.

    So I keeping with this the I divi dual pole is defined as magnetron . And there is a north magnetron and a south magnetron posited in this theory. Ed posits it , explaining it s not a magnet, thatbs it is not a dipole!

    An alternative model claims that only the dipole is necessary to synthesis a theory. Most of modern electromagnetism is based on this theoretical model.

    Poles then have to be o strutted in the modern theory, whereas they are concentrated in the older theory.

    The motion of these posited magnetrons iscEds posited magnetic current. In modern theory the dipoles do not move in a current , rather electrons move like a cloud in and around the bar, in a so called band gap, and these electrons have magnetic dipoles as do the nuclear lattice ions. . But now Skymions take the place of the magnetron in modern research. It is these Skymion s in motion that may represent Eds magnetic current , and Skymion/ magnetron depiction is gradually becoming sharper.

    The point is : magnetic behaviour we assume to e inherent in materiality, it is only the cohering of the dipoles, or the cohering of the flow ofvp magnetrons that creates the large effect.

    The coils Mase these components into a coherent but broad beam we call the magnetic polarity.

    In iron this is very easy, any tribo magnetic effect quickly polarises the bar, but , banging particcularly banging creates oscillating magnetic behaviours including generating Rectilineal and radio signals and also including sparks,
  • I need to edit my previous post.
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    I got to make a correction with my previous post above, I didn't notice the error until this morning, What I should have wrote is When you Watch The Physicist in the Video you will see that when he hits The Bar that is align with the Earth's Magnetic Field with a Hammer It will align itself with Earth's Magnetic Field.
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