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Decoding Eds Shirt

edited October 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
It's There!

The arrow points to Eds pocket... do you see it?
It resembles the US Capitol or perhaps St Peters Basilica
The history between the two places is remarkable, both having seven hills(sisters) The Capitol Hill was originally named Rome, Tiber river, the obelisk.. etc.

I believe it represents the US Capitol.. there have been several references made to US currency in Eds work, landmarks
The Capitol is on the 50 dollar bill and would have been in 1934

The US Capitol has significant spiritual properties to it, and loads of coded information built into it

Ed has this building slanted in his pocket as if he were saying he understood what it represents and the true meaning of it, accomplished.

If you look further you will see, words, looks like a badge on Eds left arm, finishing with.. 8.000
A line coming from his neck, a date? or coordinates
The first picture is the original
The pictures only show a fraction of what is really there.
(darker photo) I can see a U-shaped magnet with perhaps spheres on either end.. it is above the Capitol building, lightly outlined
What do you see?


  • edited October 2015
    Oh man! That takes a lot of imagination :)
  • I know.. it is hard to see it, the dome shaped structure is there
    Ed was notorious for writing or adding to his photos
    Nerve racking, and fun! :)
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