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Preface to A Book in Every Home

edited September 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
Not to be confused with the Authors Preface
This Preface was added after Eds passing, I had it for some time and wanted to post it.

The compressed file contains all the pages of the preface
Ive circle a small portion in a separate photo because it raises a few questions

The triangular 3 tonne gate, noted for resembling Easter Island. In the preface it states that this block is positioned at the entrance " permitting you to pass in " I assume Ed used this stone to "lock" his door?


  • Thats great stuff dante, sound post!

    I wonder how the lock works and who he was trying to keep out? I'll warn you, I read way too much into this stuff, but likely not enough. Every time I read a post like this I feel like someone is trying to teach me something. I tend to see tones and notes instead of tonnes. Sometimes I think I should get a rock and sing do re mi to it maybe that would make it go.

    Regarding the circle, what does it mean? And do you know who authored the additional preface?

    I keep looking for signs of hidden text, like marks or something. Maybe I should look for numbers aswell. I'm not sure I would know what to do if I found them though. Speaking of marks, on the right side of the first page, row ten, the dot. Is that actually on the page or dust on your sensor? Theres so much to explore here.
  • As far as I can tell, it can be chocked to stop it from turning. There is more about it that I don't quite understand myself. Ed plays with words and how they sound, so you could be right.
    I don't know who authored the additional preface

    It is on the page however I have a few copies of the same version of book and the dot doesn't show up in them. Trust your instincts.

    One code I am interested with is 23, or perhaps 2 3s, 33? ( attached photo )
    Majority of the pages have 23 lines in abieh
    The first line in abieh has 30 letters
    the second line in abieh has 30 letters.
    2 30s
    third line has 32 letters
    fourth line has 23 letters

    23=.jpg 976.9K
  • 23 is also W, like the chair Ed's sitting on
    and the 23rd letter of line 3.
    but I am also interested with 24
    an fifteen in line 1
    W, double U, double you, 1661
    My head is spinning
    Thanks for the inspiration
  • The three ton gate is too far inside to act as a lock and actually, you can walk around it on either side. It can be locked into place (prevented from spinning) and it has a hole in the top with a bottle imbedded inside to oil the gear it sits on (from what I understand). It used to have a model T horn mounted on top with the words "blow horn". The video on YouTube showing past CC tour guide Ray Ramirez shows some fascinating things utilizing the 3 ton gate to direct energy by lining up the small window (at the base of the pointed side) towards a person and pushing down on their extended arm. Apparently Ray found out while working their that aiming the device could increase a person strength temporarily- and the people seem pretty astonished that it's happening. Ray does this inside Eds tool room as well, using a flat metal rod that was bolted inside one of the doorways so that it could be swung down...when I was there about a year ago, sadly, this medal "arm" was no longer there. And Silo, since I have seen your name before, I'm going to assume you may know that the steel door is gone as well...I asked, and was told it was for "handicap access", which is BS...irritating, and sad.
  • The triangular block.. is it possible the current owners shifted it? In the preface it mentions " triangular block of stone weighing three tons that turns, permitting you to pass in "
    This tells me it was used to stop/allow access
  • Thanks for the info Flem, I didn't know about the door being removed. I think when I finally make it to Coral Castle I will feel the same way I did when I saw the Great Pyramid, elated and sad. I just watched the Ray Ramirez video, I wish he was still there, he seems like my kind of guy. I've been playing with the "23=" that's on the tree. There are so many possible answers for that. Depending on the operator, it could be 5,6,8,etc.. My current thinking is that it's 15 though. Is the tree a palm? The more I dig, the more I seem to find redundancy or self-reference. I also took a closer look at " triangular block of stone weighing three tons that turns, permitting you to pass in ". I decided to "U" the section after the comma.


    If you allow the p to flip to a g, you can get: sing re mi (or rime) to it n u go.
    Maybe nothing, but food for thought anyway.
  • That's great work. 15 would make sense, it's common on the first page/paragraph of abieh
    Tones or notes are important certainly, Ed has placed "notes " in at least a few pictures
    The more brainstorming , and possibilities the better!

    My first inclination was to count the first paragraph, There are 115 letters , divisible by 23
    I counted every twenty third letter and I got t e s l l
    L is the last letter in the paragraph, directly underneath it is a, tesla? Haha. Could be a stretch, again all possibilities
  • I like it, if you need a letter, just drop below! Very busy for a few days but can't wait to explore this more. Completely unrelated, do we know if Ed had a twin? I may be thinking of something else.
  • Also wanted to add about 23
    I think you are right 23 is w, greek lowercase omega.. alpha and omega, omega meaning the end
    Jumping to page 23 in abieh, he writes property 11 times
    page 23 property 11
    omega property
    property at the end of the book, last page?
    I will do another post.

    el even
    Edward leedskalnin even

    el ev en
    LVN= 12
    EDL = 12

    origin of eleven
    ainlif ... ain = one ; lif = left, past tense left... one left over

  • edited March 2016
    The magic number

    The fact, that this is the 11th comment in this thread speaks for itself :)
  • edited March 2016

    13 is the baker's dozen,

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