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Out of curiosity ...

I am curious if anyone here has actually called Edward Marlinski and spoke with him? He has all of our addresses and names, at least those who ordered the book properly and received the hidden pages so one could verify with him you actually have the book..... Either him or his wife may be able to share something of significance. the hidden pages have been down for a long time now yet he still pays every year to renew his biz license(s) He is in his sixties(or is it seventies now?), time is ticking to ask the man himself any questions... I have thought about contacting but honestly am not sure what to ask.... Any thoughts?


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    A friend of mine obtained the number and called. he got no answer, and the voicemail seemed to go through some kind of message service. But you could try, perhaps you'll have better luck. I think I have it around here in my notes somewhere as well. I have his address, and I don't live far, but I can't justify knocking on his door... if he wanted to share what he knew, his book would have done just that in a more straightforward manner. I was also curious...
  • Hi All. I have Ed. M.'s book, but purchased it long after the hidden pages were taken down. Does anyone still have those?
  • I have copies. Sometimes I share.
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    I do agree Poughkeepsieblue.. knocking on door would be a tough one heh little awkward yeah, if I was close there I would have been tempted.. I'm curious as to why he took the pages down I suppose that would be my first question.....
  • Once upon a time one could send in a clipping to receive them, Marlinski wanted all readers to have access as long as you had proof of purchase... Also a list of those who purchased the book imo
  • @poughkeepsieblue I would love it if you shared! But I guess a bit more of an introduction is in order. I happened across in its final days looking for some "nuts and bolts" information on how Ed did it. Instead, I found a very curious thread there about his works being coded; sengA, Dave Brandon, craig9977, thefool, and I believe you too pkb. Down the rabbit hole I went and haven't looked back. The search brings to mind, "There's a fine line between genius and insanity."
  • Yeah, that was me.
    Still would be if JS was keeping the forum up and hoppin'. But as all things, it faded out, and was replaced by another, this place.
    And I know a couple of those guys very personally. If Dave ever comes back to the net, I highly suggest everyone listen to everything he has to say, that man is a fracking genius.
    But that's a story for another day.
    Sorry for the above sarcasm, I'm not the gatekeeper.
    I also don't have the 'complete' copies of the hidden pages, as I have never seen the pages Ones posted above. My copy of edm didn't have a link to the hidden pages, and I wouldn't know about them if it wasn't for the forums.
    But I do have 5 pages, the last 5 pages, which appear to be the most important. Maybe 6? I dont remember without looking, but it's a lot of good info.
    I dance the cha cha across that line all day long... the insanity one...
    Anyway, I'm not a gatekeeper, but edm wanted folks to read the book, so I don't just spread them out. Hence the sarcasm.
    Then again, it's been 14 years, they don't exactly have that new car smell...
    I kinda lucked out, edm doesnt have my vitals on file, but I have enough of the hidden pages to help me out.
    I'm going to speculate now on edm...
    First I find it strange that he needs your address and name... why? You bought the book, if he's got extras to go with it, what's with the identity payment? I find that strange, especially because the rumors are that edm was in the FIB, and knows what he knows because he helped to 'cleanse' Rock Gate after edl's passing. That's not the guy I want to have my vitals, especially if I figure out edl's secret.
    Second, anyone ever stop and notice the EDL, and EDM connection alphabetically? I could go off on wild theories about why edm is collecting your names and addresses, and I will. Anyone could find mine, I'm not immune by any means. But edl, and then edm, is anyone else looking out for EDN...? shit thats the first time I ever wrote that and it looks like edl gibberish that says Eden. Taking note of that now...
    Third, or the point I'm getting at, is that if you read edm's book, and really read into what he is saying, than at least 3 times in his book, he basically says that if you find something that looks like code, than it's probably code, and the message is intended specifically for you. And I mean personally, as in edl knows who you are, and your interests, and tailor made a code for you to find. When I get some time I'll scan in the passages he says that. Or you can study the book and look for them, theyre there.
    And connecting it all, if edm was FIB, and learned what he knew from edl, and was able to perhaps contact him (the top pic does say 'time space.), wouldn't edm owe one to edl? And maybe what he owes is our vital information, and what we're into, so we could be 'preselected'?
    I told you it was a wild theory. But I've been finding personalized messages for a year or so, and after thinking on it for as long, I can't come up with a better explanation than edl knows who I am somehow.
    But I could be wrong. Very wrong.
  • Those two pages were just part of the website before you went in to the hidden page questions and pages themselves.
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    Ed.L. would know due to intense focus and intention (perhaps) so I like that theory :) Just thoughts of someone often leads to a call from them kinda thing...
  • Thanks for posting those, Ones. More ellipsis, "an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or section of text". Every time I think I have figured out how to reconstruct the missing words, it doesn't hold up elsewhere. Apologies if I hijacked.
  • U N S E E N !
    Why the spaces? What's between the letters?

    21 14 19 5 5 14
    7 5 14 0 9
    gen i - is there an unseen genie?
    i neg - negative i, square root of -1
  • oh, thats good.
    Between the letters... the neutral space where not much is going on...
    I'm gonna borrow that and apply it.
    Thanks silo.
  • MC 5
    bottom right
    triangle pointing to U W B

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