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The everyday way to decoding Ed's book in every home By: boxerlego

I made this topic to be about the decoding of Ed writings but if I can link with other writings and stuff I will certainly do that and tell the relationship with it. I've been writing up for some time now, years by my count and I plan to make a Youtube video of it and all the stuff I find. I recently made a topic here on the forums about the The perpetual almanac or The gentleman soldier prayer book and showed you two common connection between Eds' book and a pack of playing cards now it is time to go further and so even more and how it all connects together so to say.

Now to begin we need to start with why Ed wrote this little book and on Page 14 he did exactly that and coincidentally this is the start of his second subject (Domestic views) that is in his little book. Take special attention to how Ed typed the last sentence out on page 14.

ABIEH Page 14
Page 14
In my thirty years of studying conditions and their effects I have come to the conclusion that I can tell pointers to the people that would be a good help to them. That is why I wrote this little book.
By now it should be obvious that this little book Ed wrote has a bigger book to look on much like how a son will look up to his Father. We can already see that we have a connection with the Bible in how the book title is laid out by Ed but how do we find a specific section of the book to open up and read. Well we must first learn how and begin with the first step which is where Ed begins with his Y statement in his little book. Now back to Page 14 and at the bottom this page in the last sentence is where his Y statement is and also is the starting page of his second subject which is his Domestic views. Now in the Bible you begin with a set of Five books. Now instead of picking the second book like most people would be expected to do I decided to pick the last book First The Book of Deuteronomy and to my surprise it is also called the second law is and is the Fifth book of the Bible. Now this is where and I take special interest on the two numbers 2 and 5 which will been the core of my decoding. Now here is something that caught my eye after the fact which I find very interesting is that the word Deuteronomy in English is the only book that ends in Y just like how Ed does on page 14 in his book and if that wasn't enough coincidences the Letter Y is also the 25th letter of the English alphabet. Now this is where it becomes very clear that ED wanted us to know that 25 is a very important number in divination/decoding of his work. So I open up to page 25 in his little book to see what I can decode here to further the decoding of his little book. Now to page 25.

ABIEH Page 25

Here on Page 25 this is where things got very interesting and provided me with clues inside Eds text that I felt pointed to a tool into decoding Ed's book and this tool is a Quarter yes that is right 25¢. Now everyone has seen the picture of Eds ADM 10¢ sign at the entrance of Coral Castle and when thinking about this brought me to the start of Ed's Little book. Page 1

ABIEH Page 25 cent

Now when to the start of his little book Page 1 this is where he talks about his Sweet Sixteen and what he meant along with why he did not get the girl and Ed's place. Now upon reading the second paragraph it say and I quote "In Ed's Place, there was a lasting fame for a girl name but it would have taken money to put the fame upon her."

ABIEH Page 1 Ed's Place

Now this part is very important because symbolically Ed could possibly be cleverly laying forth a hidden code here in that the lasting fame for a girl name is on the quarter and this name is "LIBERTY" and in Ed's Place it going to take money to put the "ever lasting" fame upon her because this is a natural human desire in life. I know what your thinking right now your saying this girl name is not Liberty but there it is on top of the quarter spelled out for everyone to see ever lasting fame for a girl name just not the girl name you had in mind. To me this girl's name can serves also as a code and so its 100 per cent acceptable that there is hidden meaning on the quarter and the name that everyone has been told about through normal means. Now for this to even hold any truth we got to see if that is what a quarter looked like back in 1936 or "Ed's time" and to prove this I google what a quarter looked like in 1936. Here is a picture of a 1936 quarter for clarification and there it is "LIBERTY" exactly what I wanted to see.

Ok I'm going to stop here and get this part posted.

Any comments, thoughts, suggestions your more then welcome to post something here.



  • Good.
    Very good.
    Exactly the thinking that this takes.
    Simple and interesting. Thank you. I have been using the dollar in MC, and I know quarters are important, Ed alludes to it in the telescope with the 4 quarters of the crosshairs, and AIDE, also the copyright could be read as C O py (or 3.14, or better 3./4) right, where a quarter of the C is missing, or the C is 3/4 of a complete O with an X through it. Living quarters, 'stone age living quarters', and also the Mars stone is a quarter slice, I believe.
    I shouldave picked up on this, but I'm just glad someone did.
  • Wow, Thanks Poughkeepsieblue. I'm glad you find this of interest and approve of it. It took me awhile to pick up on this and I'm convinced by it that there is certainly some kind of hidden code in his books which could potentially explain more about the front cover of his little book along with other stuff.

    Now for instance just look at how on page 25 and 26 Ed is symbolically using the wording structure here in that the two pages have broken apart the sentence into two parts and reads exactly like a finish the sentence game that Ed has designed in his book. Metaphorically the quarter with George Washington our "First Leader" is basically used by Ed as a kind of answer towards the first word on page 26 which is "Leaders" and this is what George Washington was. Ed certainly was clever and crafty with this one.

    ABIEH Page 26 Leaders.

    If now that wasn't enough another interesting thing to point out now is that on both the dime and the quarter have the word Liberty on it. Which brings me to the another part of the discussion which is the Lady named Liberty or the Statue of Liberty along with Goddess of Liberty.
  • Yes, and in 1936, the dime was a silver Mercury dime. Mercury seems to have more significance to me, but the quarter makes more sense, considering 'leaders' and how ed points to the US constitution, both in the text, and in the stats pages, and of course, page 25, for 25 cents.
    Very clever, and makes sense.
    Good info here. I agree with you totally.
  • Excellent, I like that you brought up the silver Mercury dime it certainly was the Dime of Eds time. It's incredible that FDR dime released in 1946 still retains the "Liberty" phrase on it and I see that FDR dime as future proof for Eds little book when he says what is good in the past will be good in the present and good in the future part on page 21, but right now I'm going to put the focus on the Quarter. Now it is very easy for anyone to conclude and say that page 25 is for 25 cents I know I did but the truth is that there is several layers of coding and "Numbers" is certainly in there so now watch what happens when I do the opposite and flip the 25 around to come up with this 25 cents for 52 cards. Now you can see how Ed symbolically just told everyone to go buy a pack of playing cards based on the authors preface. Ed is very clever with the layout of his book and how it relates with a pack of cards. Now it's interesting to take note that a pack of playing cards could also fit with the meaning of the title for the book and along the connection with the title there is a connection with number of pages as well. Now there are 26 number pages in little his book and the other half of the book there are 26 blank pages add the two numbers together you get 52 which is exactly equal to how many cards there are and if that wasn't enough the first part of his book contains exactly 13 pages which is exactly the same amount of cards in a suite. Now you can see there is several connection with Eds' book and a pack of playing cards but for the pack of playing cards to be of good use we need to go even further with interconnecting it with his book.
  • History lesson on the statue of Liberty...
    The statue of Liberty was given by French masons to the masons in the US. It has a masonic corner stone plaque at the base of the statue that explains this. The builder of the statue was a mason himself and had a fascination with Egyptian rituals. In fact the statue of Liberty had a different name and was meant for the Suez Canal in Egypt. She is in reality the goddess Isis. When the Egyptians turned it down the name of the statue was change to "The Statue of Liberty enlightening the world" and was given to the US. The torch in Egyptian mythology is a symbol for the Sun.
    Not sure if any of this is relevant to ED but if he was a mason it could have some meaning.
    I'm new to all this and trying to open my mind. I belong to a masonic order and my interest in Ed comes from all the symbols I am seeing. Are there other here who are also involved?
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    "To be lasting, the government should be built in the same way
  • Charlie,
    These clues hurt my head. Im too new to understand any of this.
  • @Zondilee
    If you enjoy visuals...
    If you experiment with overlays starting with Eds larger pictures. You can find even more symbols.
    This picture is of ed holding a photo of his "book"
    To date there are over 300 pictures/symbols and numbers in Eds overlays - that I have found, all pieces to a puzzle
    Counting some of the letters in abieh gives clues also, but only small clues
    I believe EDM's book is coded also
  • Ed's book is certainly coded. I've gotten deep in his book with the numbers and It almost reminds me of those Fill in the Blank Words puzzles books but with words number and letters combined in a manner that is deeply codded in the pages of his book but remember Ed always defines the terms that is why the other side of his Book is Blank. Right in front of our face is the Hardest Fill in the Blank Page Puzzles books ever designed. I believe/see it that Ed is smart enough that he don't even need to be alive to say if your right, Eds work will prove itself simple enough.

    Eds book is very similar to the Statue of Liberty which is built to an exact height it and anybody who understands weights and measures can figure all this out themselves as well. There is lots of information to divulge out of Eds book. Most of the time I taken in by it the very meaning itself and how it just dominate today's views of society. For example Education.
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    "I believe EDM's book is coded also"

    MHO , that is not.
  • Edm's book is coded, but he uses the same types of codes edl uses, right?
    Edl probably didn't have an enigma machine, youre right charlie.
    But I have pondered this over and over, because I KNOW there is enigma code in edls works.
    Cmon charlie, I try hard not to toot my own horn about it, but besides edm, I'm the only one, the only one who has ever shown edl used an enigma, and it relates to his books. I'm friends with db, i know a s much about you as you let anyone know, and I highly respect you when it comes to edl. Bottom line, is youve helped me out, so I thank you.
    That being said, if anyone can see that edl used an enigma, and I can prove it, it should be you. Don't front, I found it, and its there.
    BTW, I gotta ask, you ROJ? 007? The jester refs make me wonder...

    Back to topic. There are 3 possibilities ed could have known about the enigma machine.
    -ed was a nazi spy. that's possible. ed was a communication buff, and if he was a spy, he could have known about enigma, also it is possible to cipher 'homestead, florida' into 'heil hitler' but I didnt find that, I do know it exists though
    -or, ed was an allied spy. I think this is the most likely explanation if you wont believe the next one.
    ed was likely a us or british spy. ed has ties with communist groups in his homeland and perhaps he defected. ed had what appears more and more to be a photo memory, and smart as a whip. the only case where he ever seems to have forgotten anything is when he wrote a letter to otto, and confessed hed forgotten latvian. So if ed was as smart as we know he was, the man was doing calculus and trig in his spare time, and was a spy, he probably worked at station x on cracking the enigma. If he did have a hand in the enigma, than perhaps he simply memorized the function of the machine. But this also has a flaw, because the people at station x only worked in certain departments, on certain parts of the enigma, and only some people had that kind of high level info.
    Another flaw, ABIEH was published in 1936, and there is an enigma path through ABIEH. In 1936, the only people with the german enigma specs, were the germans. Station x wasnt even a thought then.
    So how did ed know, again, he could have been a nazi spy, and had that info in 1936.
    -or last option, ed was a time traveler. He peered ahead, or communicated ahead, in time, and located a code machine that wouldn't be in public view for at least 30 more years. That way, the only option left is to deem he was a time traveler, and either you accept that and keep pushing on, or you quit cause you cant handle the truth. Of course if you push on, and believe him, you'll find so much more to believe in, and he'll make you believe, cause if he's a time traveler, than he's already been here, and he knows who loves him, and he knows what to leave for them, he's probably reading this post... before he returns home. Like edm says on page 15, talking of edl; "each of his messages, or levels of difficulty, are tailored to the background and knowledge of the reader."
    The only way ed could tailor the messages to the reader, is if he knows about the reader.
    Of course, ed can't be here all the time to get to know us, so he probably has a friend or 2 he trusts looking out for us who really care, and grow... and continue to follow the rules. simple rules, i can handle them ok. Thats probably how they preselect, dontcha think?
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    @poughkeepsieblue ---- an enigma machine can be anything===
  • "To be lasting, the government should be built in the same way as the Supreme power of the land "the army." Governments have been rising and falling but the army always remain"

    ""The Queen is the supreme power in the Realm""


    Slater's code book was used by the railroad also---you'll find it hallway down the page.
    @charlie The Quote on Page 23 Is Important, I'm very thrilled that this was brought up because I have more information here to share building up to it and more but none the less its still incomplete. Wow that is interesting about Slater's code book.

    @poughkeepsieblue Personally, I been giving this good time of thought on the Enigma machine. So that is why I come to believe whether Ed had the Enigma machine or not, There is a certainly a cipher in Eds book and who knows if Ed wanted us to make Simplified Version of a Enigma cipher. It just goes to show that the Enigma machine is still a valuable tool into decoding Eds book just for the fact its a cipher machine.
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    @boxerlego ___I don't remember every page in the book , maybe should dig it out,
  • Here is something I came up with today (2/19/2016) thinkng about the Enigma machine but it dealing with Numbers in Eds book. Here is how I started I took the number 14 from the page # about Why [Y] he wrote his little book about and the number after it is 25 because 2 is after 1 and 5 is after 4 and I continue this process until made it back to the number I stater with 14.
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