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The obelisk

edited August 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
I've often wondered about the significance of the obelisk but have always been at a loss. Obviously, due to its shear size and the fact Ed took the trouble to move it from Ed's place it is more than an ornament. Instead of boring you with my previous theories, something dawned on me when I was studying Ones65118's map of Ed's place...could it be a way to put Venus (or another star) in position as related to the moon on the wall?image


  • This I think would be look ing West so what object is within the Crescent? .... Some have said the obelisk resembles a comet with tail...
  • Notice also six figured star is pointing out rather than in to property ....... And Moon Fountain only has One Crescent seat...
  • 1927 one that popped up when I wasn't searching but was interesting in a way
  • I also found it quite interesting that the six figured star faced well as there being only one crescent seat back at Ed's Place. i always "assumed" that the object in the crescent moon was the moon...not for any particular reason, I guess because of its size.

    I'd be interested to know, assuming that the star on the obelisk represents a star or planet, if there was ever a planetary alignment that coincides with the planets on Ed's wall. Perhaps an alignment that repeats through time. I've been searching but have come up short. I did however run into a theory called a T Square (I think) planetary alignment that apparently happened in the 30's (a theoretical blame for the Great Depression and the collapse of Rome).
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    My opinion is that the taller obelisk in the photo represents Yule. - Pagan Origin, also has astronomical significance
    Some people have seen the Holy Oak King is some of Eds pictures, overlays forming an old man face or head.
    The five pointed star represents the five elements, the shape of the obelisk is extremely important
    The obelisk can also relate to the star of Ra, or the blazing star. I believe it relates to the star and crescent. Will post more later.

    I tried to attach two sections of the same picture in order to provide a sharper image, I think it is important to try and see the other stars
  • So if that was the Moon then there is Venus at the tip of large Crescent correct?
  • I would think so. Holy crap. I just got to thinking that if this pic is significant, then wouldn't the moon fountain be depicting something similar?
  • Dante, you said the shape of the obelisk is extremely important, why? I've always wondered about it since it's not straight, and the man had no trouble making things the way he wanted!
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