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Eds Crystal Radio

edited August 2015 in General Science
Hi everyone, this discussion topic is for Eds Crystal Radio. I find it interesting that in the back of the book A book in every home is a picture with text below that suggests that Eds flywheel was for powering his Crystal Radio. I wonder if this or how this is true or even if that is correct statement. I know the crystal radio is self powering off the Radio waves so it always working but how is the flywheel connected to it. This is what I envisioned the discussion is about seeing if this statement in the back of A book in every home is correct. Along with other ideas that involve the Crystal Radio.

Now in order to find out you got to build it so check out the crystal radio set I recently put together. I had everything to build it except the diode that is needed. It uses head phones and sounds good. I also had a input jack that can connect to the head phones so I can even hear it on my speakers. Mines able to pick up one station very well with out the tuning bar but the other station are difficult to pick up with the tuning bar.

Crystal Radio Set

Some videos about the crystal radio below.

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