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The Perpetual Almanac or the Gentleman Soldier's Prayer Book (17??)

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Wrote about 3 centuries ago "The perpetual almanac or the Gentleman Soldier's prayer book" has been around for a long time and is a unique perspective about a ordinary pack of playing cards in how they can be a lot more then just a pack of playing cards. Exactly like Ed PMH.

Now it is interesting to take note that a pack of playing card could also fit with the meaning of the title of the book called a A Book In Every Home and along the connection with the title there is a connection with number of pages as well. Now there are 26 number pages in his book and the other half of the book there are 26 blank pages add the two numbers together you get 52 which is exactly equal to how many cards there are. Already I just showed you two common connection between Eds' book and a pack of playing cards.

[wiki link]'s_Prayer_Book
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  • The correlation is that ed only gave you half the information. After careful analysis ive discoverd the other half. I took eds approach and taught myself. The answers are scary. Im raising the capitol to have a public display later this year. After careful study ive learned that if misused it can either disrupt time or create a black hole aka Einstein's bridge.
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    Hello Taco198! That is a good correlation to Eds book, Even a Deck of cards has only half the info presented on it too. Ed wanted us to write our own opinions opposite to his but here is the catch will all our opinions be the same? What can be said about if it was or if it not is not really important but what is important will be the views about the laws of opinions. What Ed wants is evidence because the opposite to opinions is truth so that our opinions based on evidence can be better then his and you will see that our half and his half go together like North and South on a magnet. Ed information does not build anything Einstein thought about because Ed is Ed and Einstein is Einstein.
  • Hello everyone.
    I dont expect anyone on this discussion to believe me or care what im saying.

    I want to say that ive figured out what and how the universe works. Ed only put half of his knowledge out there because he was afraid man would wipe himself out. Truthfull had he gave his knowledge away just before ww1 and ww2 we would have done that. Killed everyone in the persuit of being the most powerful. I believe man is ready for it now tho. I am nothing if your wondering. I have a highschool diploma, no formal training, and no real college. I was a drug addict, self absorbed, and greedy. When I started I was thinking if I learned what gravity is I could get rich and take care of my family and friends. Now thats not the case. I offer what I know for almost nothing. My price? The use of it safely and the advance of man all over the world. We are not nations or countries, or even different races. We are all in need of a better future. I learned that the pursuit of knowledge for the wrong reason will get you no where and lost fast. The answers you get wont be right because its not part of the plan to better your life when you should see that all the answers are right because they are for all man. Just because you think that money, land, and oil are the answers you seek you dont see that when you look at the universe those things mean nothing. You want land? Well there are more planets and star systems than there will ever be people. You want money? What value does money have in a desert when you are starving and about to die of thirst. You want oil? What will you do with it if you cant use it? The fumes will kill you if your trapped in a room with a barrel of oil. You say the oil is energy? Well how about this. Ive learned through the pursuit of knowledge for the right reason we ave at our disposal an infinite amount of energy all around us. We can build a single power plant large enough to power the entire USA. It makes no sound. It produces no harmful chemicals, and is 100% free energy. All you have to do is be willing to put it together. If you apply teslas work you dont neex transmission lines but I dont suggest that because the large amount of charged particles in the atmosphere and earth will cause affects on the life around it. Only man would gain anything from all this excess energy around us. Because man has a very unique life on this planet we can either be a virus in which case the planet will remove use and go on or we can be a boon by taking care of it and taking responsibility for our actions. Not only in what we do but not trying to cover every inch with only our life form. The ecosystem works because each piece helps propagate the other. If we continue as we are we will kill all other life on thks planet at the very least and the greatest tragedy in the universe is killing a species off so it will never be appreciated again. After all the rarest thing in existence isnt anything like gold or minerals but life. You can find the elements of the periodic table on every planet but how many planets have we found with a living breathing life form on it?

    Help me save everything and everyone. I dont want fame and hate being out of my home but if I dont sacrafice my personal happiness and possibly put my life at risk I wont be able to help everyone else on this planet. Help me find a safe place to build the thongs that will be used to help man go beyond the need to kill life to make life. After all by killing life we cant make it to mars in less than 6 months but by saving it we get there much faster and safer. Not only that but stop oil barons and power hungry man from doing to us that the pharo's did to ancient egyptians. They lost their civilization and set man back thousands of years. All because they let a power hungry man for hi beliefs and desires on his people when he could have left this planet and started life somewhere new by now. Greed and self delusion are the 2 greatest sins of the universe
    I am not perfect or even better than anyone else. I can only look at things the way I do because I believe I have a genetic defect and am on disability because I am mentally unstable. Even tho I was born with 2 big problems im still trying to save man. I was abused and tortured so much I hated man. I even at one point wanted to wipe everyone off this planet myself included. Still j choose to try and better myself. Still I choose and know that taking man the point of my former rage is not the answer. I can only grow if im willing to let go of the past and see man is just a child that needs to learn and they are also my friends and family. Even tho I want to keep being as I was and every day have desires just like you I dont have to fullfill them. I may slip and fall but I have to keep getting back up or I wont see man prevent the sins of the past.
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