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eds pmh holder and the human heart.

I noticed there is a heart shape on Ed's pmh so I looked into what the human heart does and found it works similar to the pmh.


  • Idk why image didn't show up so here it is again
  • Im trying to get as many people to see this. Ed figured this out before me. I plan to give him credit. The PMH is a major tool in his work but its only 1/6 of the equation. Ive managed to piece it all together. Im telling everyone. I can give the world what we are all looking for. Whats scary is that Ed didnt just find out what gravity is, how electricity works, why the universe has so much energy. He discovered that applying force in the right way can cause 2 separate reactions. If the energy is kept low flowing in a certain way can cause gravity to be effected. Its not really anti gravity. More of manipulation. Later this year im having. demonstration. I have several concerns. Currently I need to find a way to safeguard my research. Anyone that can help would be appreciated. I dont want to allow thos new technology to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Hi taco,
    We see this... :)
    What kind of help are you expecting?
  • I am going to start a new discussion. Its purpose it to find a place for me to go. Im leaving everything behind and willing to not have anything just so I can start over anew and show everyone that this isnt about money. Ill suffer any hardship I have to. If we want to grow and move past the problems we innocently created I need to pass my mind to people who will not only use this right but not make the same mistakes our elders and ancestors have.
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