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Ed's writings and the US dollar bill

So why do we decode? I love answering this question...
Because there is pure gold in ed's pages. Let me show you some.
No way to cover it all, but I'll cover what I can. Here's an introduction to edm's mysterious 'dollar bill tricks'.
So if you don't know, you should have edm's book before attempting to decode edl, it's just handy when you learn it's quirks, which is another thread itself.
If you do have his book, besides being confused after reading it, which is inevitable, you will have seen pages 37-40, which edm describes ed's first machine, err, best machine... ah we'll get to that.
These pages describe the dollar bill tricks before getting into edm's introduction to the enigma machine.
So what is edl's first machine? Or his best machine?
I don't know, I find the enigma machine to be his (or my) best machine. But edl and edm may think different.
Here is the confusing mess edm briefly gives you. If you have edl's writings and a buck, you may have tried this at home.
And again, been left feeling very ganked, and similarly used and confused.
I marked up some of the important stuff to notice. And edm tells you 'these tricks were shown to you for a reason, you will need them to find the other entrances to edls works'.
That reason, simply is because they work, in both edm, and edl's wirtings. Edm is very sly, he learned well from edl.

And no one talks about this much, because it's hard to figure out, it proposes so many questions.
Heres a few you might ask, that I plan to answer. I've been studying this shit, dollar dollar bill yall...
Where did edm get the clues that led him to a dollar bill?
Where do the dollar bill tricks start?
How does edm know to fold the bill?
What other entrances is edm talking about?

I'll answer this last question first. One of the other entrances edm is talking about, is the hidden enigma machine settings I have exploited.
If you follow edm's directions in edm's book, it will lead to clues about the enigma machine settings edm never alked about, but I do. So in a way, I've shown you all what comes next already, but I will show you what came before, now.
Or I could look at it, like the enigma machine comes before the dollar. If AG make EZ, does ed mean silver? Perhaps silver dollars?
That is considering in ed's time, dollars were silver notes, or silver certificates, redeemable for silver coinage. Of course I have mentioned, US coinage was mostly silver at the time. With the exception of pennies and nickles.
And ed was asking for dollars in his AD, and dimes at the gate. Any paper dollars he was being sent in the mail, would be redeemable for silver dollars.

So the first clue to the dollar is right at the gate.
ADM 10 C(ents)
In ed's ADVertisement, he was asking for a dollar. ADM is ADV, because M is 13, and V is 22, well D is 4, So ADM is ADV if you just ADD.
Um, obvious... right? Silver coins, silver notes...
Before I show what edm wants us to see, let's look where edl may have hid some dollar bill clues.
So start thinking USA and dollar.

In ABIEH's statistics page, you can clearly see the words 'United States', 'construction', -tic (c it), 'history'. Perhaps these are clues to the man on the front of the dollar, George Washington, considered a founding father of the US. On the second stat page, a mention of the great pyramid, perhaps another clue, to the pyramid with the all seeing eye on the reverse of the dollar.
Why do I only mention this page, and not show pictures? It is debatable whether edl wrote these pages. Edl tended to call CC ROCK GATE, which I think is because RG caesar shifts to another message.
I think edl wrote the stats page, personally. But I could be wrong, and I care not to debate it, because this asks another question that has popped up recently... who added the extra clues that help to show the dollar bill? Dante just posted a very clean, old copy of ed's AD, MVAL and MBSB, which shows less mistakes than my recently bought copies. I also have 2 copies from CC, and they both contain the same errors. Are they recently added and deliberate? Or is it the printer showing it's age? I can't answer that, but whoever added them, made it easier to spot some things, so I am going to show that as my copies led me.
Anyway, back to ABIEH. Why did I make a big deal about ed being a perfectionist? Because the most obvious imperfection, a misspelled word, stands out like a sore thumb.
Constitution is spelled wrong. And oh look, 'tender', um my dollar bill says it's 'legal tender'. Interestingly, it it it, what is this it. Seriously, what is it, it, is... is what. U read it, U look east. When edm tells us to fold the dollar and it makes 2 U's... Oh so obvious clues much.
And then if you read part three of ABIEH, ed talks about money and taxes, and of course, the state.

Ed wants you look at his AD, let's do so.
What is interesting is, 'eight' we will remember that, and 'thousand' because we will need those later when we get back to MC. Also for comparison to ed's reprint of this 'ad' in MBSB.
I underlined 'drawing of' and 'general public', because ed's public records, including his nat. certs., and applications, and everything else you can draw from public records, ed filled out in a special way too, because he knew it would last FOREVER in the archives. Again, another thread... someday.
As for 'ed folder', that should be obvious when speaking about edm folding the bill. But edl will tell us to do that later, if you want to see it.
You do know you can read everything forward and backwards, right? Or left? If you do not know this, or cannot accept it, quit now, because other languages, important ones, read right to left, and to understand ed, it must be in your nature to look at things from forward to back, in and out, up and down, and vice versa of it all.
Is this post long winded enough yet? Nope. I'm gonna go into MBSB, which is where the real clues get fun.
Mine has a distinct mark by Dollar Bill. Edl specifically mentions MC, his 8000 (sigh) word booklet, and remember he mentions MVAL, because we're going there next It looks like. But first, let's go inside MBSB for some further clues.
Now I'm not saying stop reading edl verbatim, but stop reading edl verbatim.
'solve it' I love that... 'All Seeing', as in the all seeing eye above the pyramid on the dollar.
This suggests a question, and theres 2 question marks. This suggests MVAL, because MVAL starts with a question, what is life? Also, remember those question marks, and also 'acid' and 'zinc', not only will they help us in MVAL, they will be of use in MC as well. Considering MC only has 4 question marks in it, they may be helpful later.

Now that word 'wall'... it's not marked in the older version, but mine is. Why? it's a clue, and I'll give up the skinny. Edl calls the dollar a rod. It's more wordplay. DOLLAR spelled backwards is RALLOD. Now, wall has all crossed out, so let's remove all from dollar. DOR, or ROD. This is mega important. Because it will also help in MVAL, and MC.
So in MVAL, using ed's clues, you might notice this.
So where does it all lead? Into MC of course. But, edm kind of jumps the gun a bit, and shows you farther into the bill game than edl has lead us. Also if you read edm's book, and went ahead and pulled out the staples from MC, you may have gotten further than you should be, err, almost. Because, for the sake of what we are doing, we should assume MC and ABIEH are still stapled together at this point, and like edm shows, the bill slips under, etc etc. That being said, I will show it with staples removed. Edm would want you to see this.
But to get to this point, we have to go back to the clues in the AD, and MVAL, and MBSB. And edm is showing us how it all comes together, and what isn't he showing us?
I will answer how to get to this point, starting at the start point edl intended in MC. Or what I think is the start point. And we'll look at what edm isn't giving up, but totally is as well.
Is this how you decode?


  • I'm just warming up.
    So what questions should I answer?
    Perhaps where is the start point?
    Or how does edm know to fold the bill?
    Or how does he know to read the ends of the circles?
    I can even show you why he tells you about the staples being an obstacle, if you are using a dollar bill... err, where edl tells you.
    Let me show you how edm found this, I have already started, but let me show you how edl tells you...
    Like I said, edm is kind of jumping the gun, and showing you what to do with the dollar, but I'm a gonna show you exactly how to get there.
    Yes, this is how you decode, this is why it's plain as day ed wrote these pages in a special way. At least one of the ways he wrote them.

    Above I left pics of ed's ad, twice, and two cuts, one from MBSB, and one from MVAL.
    I noted the important stuff, but let's look at the ads, which say 'eight thousand', and think of it as 'eight' and 'thousand'. Also, 'another folder' meaning MC, and the fold in MC, and folding the bill... ed works in 3 fold, as I say all the time.
    Of course, he says 'dollar bill', and you'll need one. Inside MBSB, you'll see references of where to go, and ed teasing you with clues. 'Acid', 'zinc', and dual question marks... make note of where he says that the one who figures it out will be a real scientist, cause that's me, and I'll prove it when we get there.
    Going to MVAL, which starts with a question, again, you'll see where we're going here, and also, hanging magnet, and especially ROD. Welding rod actually.
    The part about 'needle-like', two pieces, and two loose, will pertain to the staples later, but again, I'm jumping the gun, assume its still stapled.
    There is so much more you could see as well, but this is the obvious, and when you put it all together, where does it lead?
    Page 10 and 11 of MC.
    Why there?
    For a few reasons, especially because it is the 'fold' in MC, and because you can look at 10 and 11, as 1011, and there is that 'thousand'... we'll get to 'eight', hold on, there's a lot to cover here.
    Remember those question marks I kept going on about? Well, there are 4 question marks, or prongs, as ed calls them, in MC, and 2 of them happen to be on pages 10 and 11.
    Take a look, I marked what you need to see, all the clues like 'acid' and 'zinc', and welding rod, and also 6 inches, a dollar bill is 6 and 1/8 inches long you know.
    You think edm is full of shit? He isn't, I'll show you how to get there.
    The width of a dollar bill is actually 2 and 5/8 of an inch, but ed will call it an even 2 1/2, and the length an even 6 inches. Not reading ed verbatim, you can see the clues he's dropping about the dollar. It becomes evident when you realize how important the question marks are. They are exactly the width of a dollar bill apart. And when you stare at them, and read 'between the prongs' you'll realize what they are...
    You didn't think I was just gonna parrot edm... did you? Oh no.
    As you can see, when you put your dollar down, this is why edm knows to fold the dollar bill... edl tells you to do it.
    And when ed said 'whoever figures it out will be a real scientist', well I circled it for you at the bottom, in 'blue'...
    So let's go ahead and fold that bill, and see if edl tells us we were right.
    Oh yes, he sure does... and now you know why edm knows to use the 'two U shapes' made by folding the dollar bill. You will see more of that, and more of 6 inches, and more of rod, and more and more, the more I tell what I see.

    So this is what comes before page 4... but if we go next to page 4 and 17 like edm already showed us, we now know what to look for.
    Notice at the ends of the bill, where edm tells us to start, 'two and one half inches wide', and 'the rod'. What's greater than that? Edl says to 'use iron filings to test the rod', and the corners of the bill are resting exactly on 2 commas... holy shit, don't the commas look just like iron filings on the page? They sure do... crafty dog edl. Now you know why edm puts the bill on the commas.
    Of course edm didn't tell you to fold your dollar here, but now we know edl already showed us how, so lets do that now.
    I took the liberty of underlining all the important stuff. If you are paying attention, and still havent stopped reading this yet, you may understand what it means.
    Another thing edm kind of mentions, but doesnt show you, is when you fold the bill like so, and back fold it onto page 16... remember, still stapled together, and then 16 should look like this, which will help you make sense of pages 4 and 17 as I drew in the important stuff.
    'lengthwise' is the first clue to placing the bill upright as edm says to do on page 4.
    As you can see, edl wrote them in a specific way, just for us. Next I'll show where to go next, why edl wants you to pull staples out, and where his best machine can be spotted.
  • More details. Or more gold.
    Depends on how you see it. Or you dont see the forest for the trees at all.
    A few things, like, how do I know that 10 and 11 are the start of this game?
    Well, ed likes to use tried and true references. So when talking about the beginning, ed will talk about the true beginning, as in the beginning of time. And what is time? Depends on who you ask, but it's fairly universally agreed, light dictates time. Err, gravity, eh, electromagnetism, which is gravity... which is also light... uh right?
    And of course, God said Let there be Light.
    And you'll find it on page 11.
    By the starting question mark, that ed led us to with his clues.
    And again on 11.
    And why 11? or 1 and 1?
    It's a reference to Genesis 1:1 of course.
    The beginning.
    I dont just keep going on about the hebrew bible because I'm a christian nutcase. I'm a christian nutcase because its more logical than being an atheist nutcase. I keep going on about the bible because eventually someone else will notice.
    If you havent seen it, ed also gives us clear instructions on where to go next. Well not clear instructions, but like I keep saying, if something is marked, it means take a closer look.
    Remember we went to pages 4 and 17 next.
    On the bottom of page 11, there is the strangely marked 'Do' that looks like D Q.
    Forgive the fact that my copies are not gently used, and marked and folded up at this point.
    But you can still see the marks in 'Do' and another attention getter below it in 'patent'.
    D is 4 and Q is 17. I went to 4 and 17 next, as per edm's teachings.
    This is only one of many ways to decode ed's works. And why if anyone says ed's works arent deliberately coded, I ask them how it feels to be wrong.
  • Okay, I said I would show you ed's best machine. I also said I knew why edm removes the staples.
    So let me give you some more of this gift, and show you where edl's directions to remove the staples are.
    By the way, did anyone else see the 'prongs' on the pic of edl's variable capacitor? interestingly shaped like the question marks ed refers to.
    On to the third (I believe) page of this one dollar journey.
    I've shown you... err... ed has shown you, what to look for in MC as we go along. If you've been reading, you would have seen 'eight' come up. Ed places emphasis on 8, because he wants you to look at 8, page 8.
    Take a look at page 8, and what ed repeats over and over. I've shown it here without the staples, but again, let's assume we still have staples in...
    You can see what ed wants you to see, and I marked in blue, where your dollar bill should fit perfectly between the iron filings, right where you should put the ends of the 'rod'. Of course, like edm said, you should be slipping it under pages 9 and 12, and on top of pages 8 and 13
    Assuming you have a dollar, and a stapled copy of MC, I ask you now give it a try... go ahead, I'll wait.

    So did you try it? If you did, and your copy of MC is stapled together, I know you couldn't do it...
    Because the dollar hit the topmost staple.

    And you would see along the top right edge of your dollar bill, ed's message.
    "something is holding you back. What is it?'
    You can see, it's the staple.
    That's why you need to remove them.
    And if you do, and you succeed in getting your bill in the right spot, you'll see this.
    You can see where the bill overlaps the staple where I marked it.
    Ah, I marked all the important stuff. If you see it, than I don't need to explain.
    There's ed's best machine. And more.
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