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Consonance and Dissonance

My research is still in its infancy regarding music theory. I believe ABIEH can be looked at as consonance and dissonance. Eds music
Ed states in the preface , you can write your own opinion opposite it. I think we need to provide the missing low tone(harshness) to Eds work in order to perfect the song.
Boethius characterizes consonance by its sweetness, dissonance by its harshness
Pythagorean tuning using ratios 4:3, 3:2 and 2:1
Using Stichometry ( counting of lines and letters) we can get a set of numbers

I started reading The Musical Structure of Plato's Dialogues. I think a similar method can be used to decode abieh
It will take me months to understand it completely, perhaps someone else has already tried?
To anyone interested.
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