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Experiments with Nikola Tesla Pancake coils

edited April 2015 in General Science
Hi, i want to experiment with tesla pancake coils.... I've made secondary winding from a copper wire 0.2mm 1000 turns and I will make the primary with the same weight of wire... I've bought tranformers, that give from 220V 50Hz ca. 4kV, but i though, that i will not use 50Hz, but i will make an oscillator from NE555, so i could control the freqency of the impulses for best tuning the coils. I have all the parts needed.
What do you think about that?
I am very interested if the longitudinal waves are really harmloss, because i've read in internet, that tesla to demonstra, that wireless electricity is not that dangerous touched the coil and the lightning bulb, so the whole energy is through him... and nothing hapenned.
I have naturally 2 coils, one as sender and one as receiver.
if anyone have an idea, what eperiments should i perform with for example magnets or rocks, than i am listening :
P. S. That is the coil.



  • Just don't kill yourself, Kuba...
  • I will try and i hope i won''t kill myself.
  • just because you don't feel the shock from high frequency power, doesn't mean it isn't damaging your insides
    seriously, don't don't touch that stuff, it can do muscle and nerve damage without telling you, serious damage, like go crazy and die penniless in a hotel even though you were the greatest electrical genius that ever lived, sort of damage.
    have fun, but be safe
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