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magnetic field annomalies

edited April 2015 in General Science
Hi, i was today with my wife on the field and in a chapel and i found interesting anomalieties in magnetic field in small chapel. each amd every small chapel had the same properties. they were placed unsymetric ( the space between them was variable) that were stations of the cross. look at the pictures. you can also watch the film about the phenomena of magnetization of the iron pipes place on the field. almoust every pipe, that is placed years ago is so magnetized. very interesting and could anyone check, if the pipes by you are so magnetized too?

Since I can't upload my photos i place link to my google drive.

and the film on youtube.

have anyone any idea why the pipes could be so magnetised?


  • One thing I forgot to check out on my visit to coral castle was the pipe Ed had driven into the ground outside the castle grounds. Thanks Kebeq!
  • Also, Tesla's experiment with projecting power wirelessly comes to mind.... Where he placed light bulbs on stakes in a field...
  • My wife told me, that in the village in Poland, where she lived it is used to be said, that the churches and the chapels where built there where very often came the lighnings. When you look how is the lightning made it comes one from the earth and one from the sky, than they are connected and is the right lightning build....

    In the walk from the work i had compass all the time and today the magnetisation of the lamps and pipes and road signs and so one was so grateful, that the compass by going near to the pipes has waved/fluctuated. I must say, that today the sun was shining full power!! Could it be?? that the pipes were charged from the sun??

    Tomorrow i will maybe use my Smarthphone compass, so i could say if there is any or how much deviation in magnetic field :)

    I have at the home 2 soft iron wires 10mm and 8mm diameter and when they are placed vertically they are magnetised... North pole on the top, south pole on the botton. I have turned one upside down, i will control tomorrow what pole configuration has the wire...

    Could anyone look at the pipes by you?
  • I was excited to see but it is night and got nothing. I will try again in the sun tomorrow on the same pipe and others. If it moves in the sun, that must mean the pipe is not holding the magnets or else they are dispersed in the ground?
  • Kubeq, this afternoon I tried it on some poles in the sun and there was a huge change in the compass readings. I also tried it on poles in less sunlight and the compass only moved a little. I will try this again in the morning when there is less sun out and will see if the compass movement is less.
  • Kubeq-_sq,
    I'm so glad you brought this up! I got dramatic changes on poles that were in sun but absolutely nothing on poles that were not. I have to imagine that a similar experiment would bring greater results at certain points like the church's you spoke of or energy centers where temples were built in ancient times.

  • I am glad to hear it, that you have the same observations.... so the sun and the aerth are magnetising the iron pipes.... and most sinlgnificant the vertical ones. the horizontal are magnetised too, but only from the vertical ones when they are connected. Sfter that observation i wpuld say, that the hook on Eds photo, where he turns the wheel could be connected to the iron on the roof... the pipe near the Flywheel grounded, than we have as above as.... and that could explain why the chain above the wheel is magnetised and so one.

    Do anyone know Roy (vinny stvincent) on youtube? he make experiments with the flywheel. i wrote him my idea, but don't know if he tries the possibility....

    Ed wrote in magnetic current how the magnets flow on earth. Could it be, that the flow is as sea water in oceans? The sea water makes vortices and so one....
  • Wow! what an image...
    Could you please add some description to it?

  • That is a satelit picture of water current in the oceans and seas.... I've seen a picture of a whole earth with this currents ( I can't find it any more) and then I thought, that that is what Leedskalnin about magnetsflow in atmosphere says.
  • Kubeq_sq,

    The poles in the ground I have checked with compass make the compass needle jump when they are in the sun but this metal column on my house REALLY makes it react and, using a magnet sensing app I downloaded, the numbers are significantly higher as my phone is moved towards either end.

    I of course immediately questioned the S shapes and then I noticed that other metals that had gaps or mesh-like structure all made the compass very excited compared to solid, straight poles.image
  • Hi Flem, I have made some readings with the magnet too, but i must edit the photos in photoshop, because i can't place them on the forum.

    It is very interesting what you have found. Also the form (from Grebennikov) and the material (iron from Ed) could built connections.
    Have you any idea about next step??
    I thought, maybe I would take an universalmeter and will see if there is any voltage between Earth and the pipes... but i don't expect, that there is.

    P.S. You have Eds symbols in your home column? cool!!
  • Kubeq_sq

    I do not know what the next step should be. My first idea was to try and store and build up energy but unless I am missing something, Ed did not do that. Well, Ed worked at night so if he used this energy it would have to be stored right? I know he had/has lots of steel in his tool room and perhaps when he was actively working, he could have positioned it where he needed it. But let's not forget Grebennikov! Is there a connection between the porous blocks and the water below?

    Both of these men seem to be working with nature instead of against it. Ed said "it's not difficult, the secret is in knowing how". I can help but to think if we find what we are looking for, it will be right in front of our eyes and eyes been all along but we simply are looking at it right.

  • edited April 2015
    I have made some photos of the water bottles and Grebennikovs indicator, because I noticed, that at the east side of the bottles it is whole time water from the steam. The material of the bottle is totally not important. When it is placed without touching on one place than comes after few days this water on the east wall....

    and Ed wrote, that his book is lined up and we should look east.....

    and under the photos the film from my camera with my hands showing how CSE and Grebennikovs indicator works.... Ed must have a similar one too, maybe built in another way ? Bell? or so?

    I am very interested what do you say about the effekt with indicator.







  • Exciting! But have you accounted for heat/light source as a possible cause? Also, what are your hands doing? Maybe I missed that in his writing.
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